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Published: 06-09-2019

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Important: This essay is not a finished work, it is only an outline that needs refinement and formatting.
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An Explanation of the Use of Imagery and Figurative Language to Convey the Central Theme in Mending Wall, a Poem by Robert Frost

In the poem “Mending Wall”, Robert Frost makes use of language and paragraph structure in order to develop controversial suggestions about the necessity of adjust and stirring rebellion, and about sustaining individuality.

1 of the prevalent themes present in this poem is that of adjust, and when it is essential. When describing the uselessness of the wall, the speaker says, “My apple trees will never get across/ And eat the cones beneath his pines”. Here, the speaker emphasizes that the wall is not required, and implies that there is no use in mending the wall, as a result advocating for change. The speaker’s believes that the wall is not required, shown when he says, “There exactly where it is we do not need to have the wall” (line 17). He clearly sees no use for the wall any longer and is considering practically. Logically, preserving the wall is merely a waste of time and resources, as it is no longer needed. Frost relays the theme of alter and rebellion via the speaker’s questioning of old customs as time goes on. Following the speaker suggests that they possibly break down the wall the reaction he receives is, “He only says, ‘Good fences make very good neighbors’ “(line 27). The neighbor’s repetition and insistence of this proverb shows his devotion to tradition and his unwillingness to change. This proverb has most likely been passed down more than generations, when once more reinforcing the concept that the neighbor is obsessed with custom and tradition. The reality that the poem ends with this line suggests that no alter was established, and that the wall remained. The young, refreshing voice of change is clearly overshadowed by the elder opinion that adjust is unnecessary if the existing technique is functioning. This is an really effective and controversial message, which is particularly fascinating throughout a time of such political uproar in America.

One more message clear in Frost’s poem is that of the significance of individuality. For instance, in lines 8 and 9, the speaker says, “And on a day we meet to walk the line/ And set the wall amongst us as soon as again”. The order of these lines is meant to express the irony of the situation. The only time the two neighbors converse or meet is when they are attempting to ensure that they will not be bothered by every single other for the rest of the year. This exposes the American culture as an individualistic one particular, and subtly criticizes the American belief in autonomy. In addition, when describing the mending of the wall, the speaker says, “One on a side” (line 16). This emphasizes the reality that even when operating together towards a typical aim, the two are separated. As soon as once again, this stresses the importance of individuality in the American culture the truth that even when we all want the exact same thing, we refuse to perform collectively to accomplish it, and we look out for our personal self-interests initial. Lastly, in line 18, the speaker describes himself and his neighbor by saying, “He is all pine and I am apple orchard”. The juxtaposition among these two things is once once again meant to describe the separation in between the two. In spite of the reality that they live in the same neighborhood (and are for that reason likely from a comparable social class), they are nonetheless completely separate beings. Once more, via this, Frost hopes to express the idea that individuality is 1 of America’s core values.

Via his usage of language and his paragraph structure, Frost conveys controversial views on American society and its perception of alter and individuality.
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