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Published: 21-09-2019

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Analysis of Emotional Character of the Poem Still I Rise

“You could write me in history, with your bitter, twisted lies, you could trod me in the very dirt, but still, like dust, I’ll rise.” This poem by the late Maya Angelou is utilized by the University of Phoenix in the video “Still I Rise” as a way to persuade college students into joining their school. This college video advertisement by the University of Phoenix utilizes heavy emotion and credibility with a subtle hint of logic to persuade its viewers to join their college.

The subject in this video is Gail Marquis. Marquis was born in New York City, New York November 18th, 1954 but spent most of her childhood in Queens. She played basketball when she was young and It did not take her long to figure out her passion for the sport. As Marquis started getting closer to her high school graduation, she contacted colleges herself to get discovered for her talent since there was not any scouts (Miron). The University of Phoenix praises dedication like this in their students. As she started college at Queens Community College in New York she struggled to balance her academic and athletic life. Her coach helped her persevere via this challenging time by having her teach kids the game of basketball. This ultimately paid off in her sophomore year simply because she led her group to the national championship and they have been the first women’s team to play at Madison Square Garden. In 1976, she won a silver medal in basketball at the Olympics. Following her athletic profession she decided to head to Wall Street to perform in a financial service firm without any formal training. Right after 30 years of working on Wall Street she decided to get her MBA at the University of Phoenix in 2006 as her last big achievement. In Gail Marquis` lifetime she experienced racism, homophobia, sexism and stereotyping. She rose above it and that showed the viewers that any person can do anything no matter what they have been through in life. Marquis now challenges students to be dedicated and pursue their ambitions just like the University of Phoenix does. By featuring Marquis in the industrial the University of Phoenix portrayed their students beliefs, difficult operate and perseverance by means of her.

This college advertisement, in contrast to most college advertisements relies heavily on emotional persuasion. The whole advertisement is a short biography on Gail Marquis and shows that even although you might be struggling proper now the University of Phoenix will help you “rise” to your potential. As properly as, the biography of Marquis, playing in the background is the poem “Still I Rise” by Maya Angelou to instill an empowerment in students and give them the motivation to join the University of Phoenix. The ad relates to the LGBTQ neighborhood by showing Gail and her wife Audrey Smaltz at a peaceful protest for gay rights. Racism and sexism are not shown outright but are implied because of the time period. The ad has a gay woman of color in an empowered position which can inspire men and women in equivalent conditions as Gail. Above all this advertisement makes use of emotion to appeal to its viewers in a lot of approaches.

Although this advertisement does not concentrate as much on logic to appeal to the viewers there is nevertheless logic getting utilised. The video is professionally accomplished and is made in a way that impresses students. It attributes the renowned Gail Marquis and the nicely known “Still I rise” poem by Maya Angelou as a persuasion method. As properly as getting professionally done the video is broadcasted all more than tv, youtube and a lot of social media web sites so it is extremely common. The video itself also appeals to students by giving them the visual components to show how considerably the University of Phoenix can actually shape your life.

This college advertisement is like no other advertisement in the way it persuades its viewers. Compared to most college ads this advertisement feeds on pathos other than logos to persuade students to join the University of Phoenix. According to college video ads that are creatively special are the second most watched college video advertisements subsequent to humorous advertisements (MarketingCharts employees). What strikes most men and women about this ad is how realistic it is and how it feels as if you are watching a movie trailer instead of a college advertisement. Most college video advertisements hit viewers with a lot of statistics in the 1st couple seconds of the video and that can be really overwhelming for the viewer. As nicely as statistics the starting of these videos usually give out the school’s name out right and you typically know what the rest of the video is going to be about. This video,however, starts slow and progressively and the viewer is kept asking concerns as to what college this is. Lastly it builds up to the finale where they reveal the college’s name, a small details about their top majors and contact info. The biography of the well-known Gail Marquis acts as an emotionally empowering persuasion technique by the University of Phoenix and really grasps the viewers interest from start to finish

The University of Phoenix uses heavy emotion and credibility as properly as logic to persuade its viewers to discover their school. The biography of Gail Marquis shows that even even though you will have challenges in life with the University of Phoenix you will nevertheless rise. From the empowering poem “Still I rise” by Maya Angelou to the visual biography of Gail Marquis this video advertisement makes use of a variety of persuasion strategies to truly persuade folks into joining their college. Inventive and unique college advertisements like these are the ones that will stand out and be the ones that men and women will want to watch in the future.
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