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Published: 27-11-2019

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Analysis of the poem "Jaguar" by Francisco X. Alarcón

The writer of this poem Francisco Xavier Alarcon is a Chicano poet who was born in the year 1954 February 21. When developing up he was caught up in cultural conflicts where he at occasions lived with his parents in Los Angeles and at other times he spent time with his other relatives who lived in Mexico.

One particular of the aspects that influenced him to start writing poems was the interaction with these diverse cultures. While living in Mexico Xavier was actually interested in the stories that he was hearing from his grandmother and this was where he began writing his 1st poems. With the motivation of wanting to develop his writing expertise, he moved to Los Angeles exactly where his parents were living by then. At Los Angeles, he graduated from higher school with a diploma at Cambria school. He later joined East Los Angeles College and later moved to California State University where he got a Bachelor of Arts in Spanish and History. With the drive of wanting to know more about distinct cultures, he joined Stanford University where he studied Latin-America literature.

At the university, Xavier was capable to interact with diverse poem writings and also he interacted with other people interested in the aspect of literature. Whilst still at Stanford he published his initial book ‘Tattoos’.

Francisco Xavier has published a quantity of poetry collections and has used his poems as a tool of empowerment to the community. Furthermore, he has also written a quantity of Spanish poems and also children’s poem. Most of his poems function quick stanzas and they tend to explore the various cultures he has interacted with and also the history of the Mesoamerica. His poems also show that the author has embraced the aspect of cultural diversity and that he appreciates life in basic.

Most of his poems for the kids have been published in English and Spanish and therefore can be described as being bilingual. He received a quantity of honors and also he was a lecturer in Spanish at the University of California, even so, his untimely death occurred in 2016 January 15th. Literary movement can be described as a similar impetus of writing that is common amongst a group of writers at a particular period of time. The term movement is used in the description of this phrase mainly due to the fact the literary movement is about authors with frequent concepts about a particular aspect.

Francisco Xavier uses a number of these literary movements in his poems with the aim of Cleary presenting his ideas to his distinct readers. The poem Jaguar has been able to make use of a quantity of literary movements linked with poetry. A single of the literary movements in this poem is that of imagist. This can be proved by the fact that the poem has been able to use straightforward English that the reader can associate with, secondly, the poem can also be stated to be of this movement since it treats the principal topic straight.

In this case, the poem talks of a lonely jaguar in the woods that is thought to turn into extinct. From this, the jaguar is the persona in the poem and disagrees with the idea of its extinction. From this, the reader can see that the Jaguar is capable to respond to these claims straight. Secondly, imagist movement poems do not use a lot of words, in this poem it is evident that the words utilized represent easy English, moreover, the words in the poem are not extended. It is also clear that the poem has been able to follow the cost-free verse format. This means that the words utilised primarily target young readers and therefore they will not have a difficult time trying to figure out what the poem is all about. Additionally, as an imagist poem, it can aid these young readers discover about jaguars, in this case, such animals are rare and this could make the kids develop an urge to find out about such animals. Besides, older readers can be in a position to discover about the value of defending endangered species such as the Jaguars. For that reason it is evident that the aspect of imagist can assist kids create an interest in understanding about animals and this is due to the illustrations employed. Additionally, the use of imagist literacy in the poem can also assist the readers to find out a lot more about the topic of the poem and therefore enriching the information of the reader. In addition, the use of basic language in the poem can assist people who use English as their second language locate it easy to identify with this language.

Furthermore, the illustrations employed to bring out this literacy movement can be defined as being totally lovely. Each stanza has an eye-catching phrase that aids to depict the primary theme of this poem.

Another literary movement associated with this poem is that of language poets. Poems employing this variety of literary movement required the readers to attempt and bring out meaning contained in any certain poem. Employing this literary movement has helped the readers be portion of the poem by putting the reader in a predicament where he or she should try and construct which means from this poem. By way of the approach of breaking down the language used in this poem, the reader is anticipated to construct the meaning that exists in the poem. From this poem, it is evident that the message being brought out is that of the need to preserve and protect our animals. From the poem, the reader should be in a position to discover that the subject of the poem that is the Jaguar is at a risk of extinction. Nonetheless, this message is not direct since the Jaguar urges that it will not turn out to be extinct in the close to future considering that its ancestors live by means of it. This is a clear indicator that the learner need to attempt and construct meaning from what the persona in this poem is trying to communicate to the target readers.

Lastly, the poem can also be described to have a lot of aspects of the literary movement of modernism. This is primarily since most of the poems that apply the aspect of imagist also tend to have the aspect of modernism in them. To commence with, the poem new modes of expression that were previously rejected in the field of poetry. One particular such aspect is the application of imagist as a means of bringing out various expressions. Furthermore, the poem also utilizes the aspect of symbolism, in this case, the jaguar is used symbolically in order to clearly bring out the fact that of what is happening in the planet. It is clear that there are a quantity of species that are at the edge of being extinct. For that reason the use of the Jaguar was symbolic in order to show that there are other animals who are also at a danger of becoming extinct. Consequently the application of symbolism proves that the poem has aspects of modernism. Additionally, there are a number of multiple themes present in this poem. For instance, the poem is observed to speak about nature, this aspect tries to tell the readers that they ought to appreciate their atmosphere.

Additionally, the poem also tries to inform the reader the need of preserving nature and at the exact same time safeguarding the endangered species. The existence of numerous themes in the poem is an aspect that is common in most of the poems with the literary movement of modernism. Yet another critical aspect that brings out the aspect of modernism in this poem includes the reality that the poem does not conform to any established rules and conventions of poetry writing. The writer of the poem has not observed elements such as rhythm, style, and kind. Traditionally, poetry depended on the set rule fully and deviation from the set regulations signifies that a piece could not be defined as being a poem. From the poem it is evident that the writer has formulated his personal guidelines, modernism consists of the writers of the poem formulating their own rules that guide them throughout the writing process.

The poem can be observed to reflect the modern day period. This can be observed by the reality that the message presented in this poem is a reflection of what is happening in the modern day day planet. The poem’s principal theme is that of a Jaguar that differs with the opinion presented by people regarding its existence. From the poem, the Jaguar is seen to respond to claims that its existence is restricted and it is about to extinct. Nonetheless, the Jaguar responds to this claims by firmly stating that the nature surrounding it is a resemblance to its ancestors and thus if nature nonetheless exists then its existence also nevertheless exists.

The poem tries to tell the reader that they should try to preserve the atmosphere if they want to guarantee that the different species of wild animals are not exposed to the threat of extinction. Consequently, it is evident that the time period becoming described by the poem is the modern day planet where environmental conservation has been a really severe problem. Due to human activities, the environment has turn into degraded and this has posed a threat to the existence of mankind and also to the existence of other organisms in their ecological niche. For that reason, it is vividly clear that the author of this poem was able to pinpoint the troubles facing the environment in the twentieth century via this particular poem.
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