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Published: 02-12-2019

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Andy Weir’s Ideas Depicted in His Space-Age Book, The Martian

The Martian by Andy Weir has a lot of resounding themes connected to the human situation. Some of these themes are: the effects of desolation and loneliness, the race for survival, generating sacrifices, and persevering by means of even the toughest of tasks. All of these universal themes apply to readers in the existing age and will continue to apply in the future. All through the novel, Andy Weir expresses the gruelling effects of isolation on the human mind. Mark Watney is stuck on Mars soon after his crewmates error him for dead, and there is no way for him to get in touch with Earth due to the fact of a broken communications dish. For numerous months, Mark lives his days usually, but soon after obtaining and repairing the unserviceable Pathfinder rover, Mark falls to the ground and cries because he has just communicated with civilization for the 1st time in what have to have felt like eons. This is really correct for his readers as nicely humans want mental and emotional assistance all through every single step of life. In addition to this theme, generating sacrifices is an additional critical a single in the novel. A plethora of individuals worked twenty-4 hour shifts to make Mark’s rescue come about as well as an exorbitant amount of cash was spent. With selfishness, neither Mark nor the rest of humanity could have been productive in their endeavours. Ultimately, survival and perseverance are also essential themes in the novel. Mars throws impossible curveballs at Mark each day, but somehow he manages to persevere and ultimately make it back to Earth. The struggle for survival is accurate for individuals not stuck on a desolate planet as well human civilizations are constantly evolving to create the finest and fittest lifestyles, ones that will carry their generations into the subsequent millennium. Individuals also require to persevere by means of hard occasions. Providing up is an selection, but it must never ever be noticed as the resolution, as Mark shows readers in the novel. He has the alternative to give up his struggle every single day, but he perseveres via to success. Via The Martian, Andy Weir has masterfully written a novel with many universal themes, and a single that bargains with numerous aspects of the human condition.

In The Martian, Watney’s actions directly influence the evolution of the plot. Mark is left for dead in a barren wasteland, and is only able to survive by way of his botany and his engineering expertise, along with assist from the guys at NASA. Watney’s and NASA’s actions are realistic the guys at NASA invest numerous hours and millions of dollars to assist rescue Mark, and he does every thing he can to keep alive and get rescued. The reader doesn’t encounter any unrealistic aspects of Mars, and this is thanks to Andy Weir’s masterful scientific writing style. Every step of Watney’s way to Schiaparelli crater (exactly where the Ares 4 MAV is positioned) is realistic. Mark encounters all sorts of terrain and has to adjust accordingly. He also notices the potentially disastrous dust storm early in his journey and drives his way around it. All through the novel, Weir doesn’t neglect to consist of any necessary elements, and this makes the reader feel like a mission to Mars could in fact happen in the not-so-distant future. In addition to Mark’s own actions helping him get rescued, his own actions trigger him major troubles as well. Watney ends up frying the Pathfinder rover because of his own actions he leans his electrical drill with exposed wiring on a metal table that was in make contact with with Pathfinder. The Hab breach is also triggered as a outcome of his actions his mistake of employing the identical airlock for every EVA put a great quantity of stress on it, ultimately causing the carbon fibers to tear. The logical and consistent evolution of the plot in The Martian make it appear realistic, and engages the reader.

Even though considerably of the novel is spent talking about the scientific aspects, Mark Watney has a lot of internal conflicts that trigger him to grow and modify throughout the story. Mark deals with the mental stress of getting alone in a barren desert. There must be some portion of him that wants to quit daily, as his odds of survival are extremely low. And he could have, considering he had sufficient morphine for a lethal dose. But in the finish, he resisted the thought and was in a position to be rescued. He also has to deal with the fears of the unknown. Even though he knows there is no life on Mars, Mark nevertheless has fears when he leaves the Hab on his journey to Schiaparelli. Nonetheless, the major conflict in The Martian is external: A man’s struggle for survival against nature. As a outcome, The Martian does not satisfy this criterion of a classic.

Andy Weir’s style of writing enables The Martian to be the brilliantly crafted novel that it is. Weir, a lifelong space nerd, tends to make sure to use scientific information every single step of the way. The complete novel is a bombardment of scientific details. This “scientific style” paves the way for the good results of his novel. His style will be used in the future by other authors aspiring to write related novels. Weir’s integration of humor is also integral to his writing style Mark’s humor makes the reader root for him in his quest for survival. To some readers, this combination of science and humor tends to make Weir’s writing style seem breathtaking. In the end, The Martian is a stupendously written novel that satisfies 3 of the four criteria of a classic novel. Via its brilliant universal themes, plot improvement, and the author’s writing style, The Martian could potentially turn out to be a classic novel in the future.
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