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Bravery Essay

Courage is the quality of life that enables you to experience risk or pain without showing emotion, but one frequently misconceived belief of people is that being brave means being courageous. Being courageous doesn’ ’t me you don’ ’t fear this hardship; it means you have the power of purpose to overcome whatever emotion you take.
The warriors of Beowulf want fame through feats of power, courage in the face of risk, the absolute contempt for dying, also as by bragging about their feats of strength, bravery, and disdain for death. This search for fame is of the utmost importance to the soul attempting to prove himself in the world. However this search for fame will cause to harm in two very different ways. Firstly, the search for fame will easily succumb to feeling. Both satisfaction and fame require the desire to be good, but while reputation requires growing into important in order to get strength and power to one's people, feeling requires the desire to be great no matter what.
Throughout the essay I intend to analyze the positive and negative repercussions of bravery in this epic poem “ Beowulf. ” I shall establish how the effects of bravery were good at this epic. I shall also prove how courage did not always lead to the propitious effect. The individual who proved the most courage throughout the poem was obviously the main character, Beowulf. Throughout the duration of his life he became great renown for his courage, but because of his courage his time is lost in battle.

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