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Calgary Family Assessment Model Essay

The number of home systems nursing interventions are based in the so-called Calgary models, Calgary home Assessment framework and Calgary house involvement framework, and in the Illness Belief framework. The purpose of these interventions is to help home well-being by creating The environment for change. The environment is facilitated in the interactions between the participants by evaluating the families ’ places and intervening by posing reflective questions targeting the issues felt by these households. Changes that are desired for concern that families ’ ways of thinking and reacting in relation to the illness condition and to those issues had, giving influence on their well-being. That may accept change or alteration of constraining notions and strengthening of facilitating opinions, of finding alternate ways of speaking about the home condition and the discovery of new meanings.


This paper will discuss the components of the Calgary Family Assessment Model and bringing into context Mrs. P.L., whom two nursing students had the pleasure to interview. This paper will also explain Rolland's Chronic Family Life Cycle and how this framework links with Mrs. P.L as she is living with multiple sclerosis. According to Wright and Leahey (2009), "The Calgary Family Assessment Model (CFAM) is an integrated, multidimensional framework…" (p. 47). This model is widely used among nurses for assessing a family in the goal of resolving issues among the family.


Carlson and Hickman (1992 ) developed the framework for family consultation at these schools. The purpose of The framework was to evaluate and interact in multiple organizations. Although the authors found both functional family therapy and important family therapy to be successful with school-related prob- lems, their consultation framework used the important, short, Solution-focused therapy orientation that emphasized exceptions to the question and customer's strengths required for dissolving this issue.


Friedman Family Assessment Method is a very helpful tool for assessing a family. It assesses the social, spiritual, physical, and psychological, among other aspects of a family. Analysis of the assessment data using the Friedman model, allow nurses to develop a plan to improve family health and to live a healthy life. The assessment of the Smith’ family was a great experience as it exposes one to different aspects of community health.


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