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Child Abuse Essay

When thinking about statistics on child abuse, it’s really encouraging to realize that this thought of “ child abuse ” is very debatable. Lately, in specific households and cultures, child abuse has happened to be seen as a major social issue and the primary cause of many people’s pain and physical problems. Some think that we are starting to experience the real prevalence and meaning of child abuse. There is more to person abuse than simply those physical scars; babies are involved socially, mentally, and emotionally…
Child abuse can have horrible physical and emotional consequences on the person. Often times these emotional consequences can be with them forever. There are various cases of person abuse including physical, emotional, sexual, and common abuse. Detecting and describing child abuse is one of the most significant ways in keeping an innocent person’’s time. Child abuse is the developing one problem in the United States . Child abuse may go unseen for some years.
The third form of person abuse is emotional abuse. Among all other person abuse, emotional abuse is the hardest form to describe. According to American Humane, ‘ emotional abuse of the person is usually defined as “ the pattern of behavior by parents or caregivers that may severely interact with the person’’s cognitive, emotional, psychological, or social development ” (http: // ). The objective manifestations which can be observed on The person who is emotionally abused are language problems, lags in personal growth, failure to grow and hyperactive or disruptive behavior.

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