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Published: 13-12-2019

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How Christopher Colombus Discovered the New World

In 1492, Christopher Columbus produced an unexpected discovery of the Americas while attempting to accomplish his “enterprise of the Indies” that was supported by the Spanish monarchs, Ferdinand and Isabella (Levine 58). Columbus’s goal for his voyage was to uncover an alternate route to Asia from the Atlantic for the cause of the popular demand for spices (Levine 58). As an alternative, he found something considerably a lot more: a new, undiscovered land with futuristic possibilities. Columbus’ discoveries was the birth and beginning of the history of America, and it was molded by his discoveries, actions, and encounters with the Indians.

Columbus wrote to Luis de Santangel, the financer of his 1st voyage, titled “Letter of Discovery” on February 15, 1493, regarding what he found (Levine 59). He goes on to inform Santagel of the five islands he names, which includes San Salvador, Isla de Santa Maria de Concepcion, Fernandina, Isabella, and Isla Juana, and explains the land getting so vast that he thought he was on the mainland of Catayo, also known as China (Levine 59). Columbus sails along to find out “Espa?ola,” and discusses the wonderful rivers and mountains accommodating it (Levine 60). He describes the land in awe as, “All are most lovely, of thousands of shapes, and all are accessible and filled with trees of a thousand kinds and tall, and they seem to touch the sky,” and goes on to graphically describe the flowers, fruit, greenery, birds, and honey (Levine 60). Columbus also discovers a handful of organic sources on his 1st voyage, as he mentions the Indians giving him gold as gifts and wearing plates of copper to serve as armor and protection to Santangel (Levine 60-63). Columbus not only discovers new land, but humans inhabiting this land. He describes the men and women, whom he names “Indians,” as, “the folks of this island, and of all other islands which I have discovered and of which I have data, all go naked, males and women…” (Levine 60). Columbus goes on to create to Santagel the absence of metal and weapons, only one particular created of canes, and describes the greatness of the people’s shyness as they ran away as Columbus reached the shore (Levine 60). He discusses how generous and loving the men and women are, and “they are convinced that I, with these ships and males, came from the heavens” (Levine 61). Columbus provides vivid detail of what he saw when he discovered the new lands, but it is the actions to come that have the fantastic impact on America.

Right after discovering the new world, Christopher Columbus becomes a changed man focused on riches and conquering the new world, and is described as “a man whose very good motives had been corrupted by his poor motives” (Berner). He discovered how fearful and gullible the Indians have been, and Columbus writes in his letter, “I took by force some of them, in order that they may well discover and give me info of that which there is in those components, and so it was that they soon understood us, and we them, either by speech or indicators, and they have been quite serviceable” (Levine 61). This was the slight starting to slavery in America. Columbus forced a few of the innocent Indians, identified as Native Americans today, to go back to Spain with him, and only seven survived the voyage (Levine 61). Columbus states in the conclusion in his “Letter of Discovery” his plans and wishes. He discusses the use of slaves, finding and taking valuables from the new land, and converting the Indians to Christianity (Levine 64).

According to Robert Royal, the “Indians had been portrayed as poor savages, as well primitive to be taken seriously as worthy members of the human race,” and they are to soon suffer and perish from Europeans discovering their land. In fact, Columbus would rather the Indians had not existed since now they are an obstacle to his program ( With the use of violence, Columbus forced slavery upon the Indians in the new planet ( He would use them to support get his riches and conquer the new land. Also, the moment Columbus and his guys stepped off their ship, they brought nonimmune ailments to the new land and Indians ( The Indian population would soon dramatically lower, as smallpox and other diseases offered to them from the Europeans would kill them ( Lastly, Columbus forced the Indians to convert to Christianity ( As Royal states, “these diverse peoples need to have been respected for their own cultures and peacefully brought into interaction with the Europeans.” The Indians had a damaging effect on Columbus’s discovery of America, and they would never ever get their lives back.

In conclusion, Christopher Columbus can be regarded a hero for discovering America in 1492, even even though it was accidental. He exchanged different plants and animals in between the Atlantic Ocean, and gave the folks of the old globe a new spot to settle. Even so, he brought forth ailments, violence, slavery, and forced Christianity to the Indians that can never be taken away. It was the discovery of the Americas that shaped the history of the America that is known today.
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