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Contemporary Globalization Essay

It is widely acknowledged that modern globalization is having a significant effect on the well-being of populations everywhere. Although increasing international integration is not the altogether new phenomenon, modern globalisation has had an unprecedented effect on international national welfare (Lee et al., 2002) and is making new challenges for international law and policy. Globalisation can be generally understood as a process characterised by alterations in a variety of cultural spheres including economic, political, technological, social and environmental. These processes of international effect are restructuring human societies, ushering in current patterns of well-being and illness and reshaping the wide determinants of well-being. So, the globalization of business, travel, communication, movement, knowledge and lifestyles has blurred the traditional difference between public and international health.
International opinion is the examination of the political, social, social and economical forces that shape interactions between states and different international actors in the modern world. It examines the interconnectedness of the modern international political environment and the effect of globalization on society, sovereignty, human rights and the situation. It analyzes the nature and strength of important international actors and the types of power used by the Asia-Pacific government to attain its national interests.
Modern globalization is defined as the last wave of globalisation, and is characterised by the speed and increase of the scientific, social, spiritual, economic and political integration (Gerle 2000) . Although this has led to growth and progress in many nations in the globe, it has raised issues in some parts of Asia facing spiritual and cultural concerns. This essay would argue that modern globalisation can make issues in the traditional cultural and religious visible in two Asian countries, Thailand and Malaysia.

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