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Published: 08-11-2019

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Dead Poets Society: The Power of Individual Thoughts

There is a balance to ideals in individuality and truth, each at constructive and damaging extremes. The movie Dead Poets Society by Peter Weir captures the incredible function romanticism and embracement of truth on an individual’s life, separating the ability to appreciate life from the mechanical capacity to live. Via the development of Neil Perry and Todd Anderson the importance of individualism and romanticism is explored. After completely embraced, passion and personal need to have can open life to epic modify. The transition from getting obedient students lacking individuality, to boys who take risks for what they want in life is shown alongside the growth of daring and passionate personalities. The significance of truth to an person is to embrace one’s passion as it relates to the romanticized, free from cynicism. Getting and maintaining genuine truth to oneself is imperative to living a fulfilling life as recommended in this text.

The movie explores the require for truth inside an individual to live a totally free life, while not conforming to a larger group’s expectation and standards. Truth in the Dead Poet’s Society is not a matter of what the atmosphere surrounding an individual expects, but rather holding to the values and ideals of the person. Weir explores the ideas of honesty with self by producing suppressed characters who break out to adhere to their inner passion and learn to express themselves freely by taking a stand for anything that matters in their hearts. The most influential working instrument of this idea was the radical teachings of Mr. Keating to search for individuality and “Seize the day.” The introduction of Mr. Keating makes it possible for the students, particularly Neil and these of the Dead Poets Society, to attain out from the strict path major to a wealthy career to one particular filled with the wealth of passion, self-discovery and dreams. Prior to Mr. Keating’s arrival, the boys were taught conformity and traditional values as displayed in the opening scene of the movie where all boys stood up to recite the four pillars of Welton Academy. Specifically in Neil Perry’s life – as his father is strict in directing all energy to studies – the stern regiment of the academy drives him the most to be an obedient son and abandon all of his own thoughts and desires. A significant change that exemplifies the significance of idealism is Neil’s sudden willingness to go behind his father’s back to discover his passion for acting. This notion constructs a base explanation for the rest of the rebellious actions Neil and the other boys will take.

Only needing a push towards embracing individuality, the characters of handful of of the boys create to ultimately truly recognize the teachings of their new English teacher and apply them to their lives. With the guidance of Mr. Keating, the boys regroup the formerly separated Dead Poets Society to discover the wonders of poetry. At this point the boys adopt to what Welton’s academy would consider juvenile and lost actions that goes against the 4 pillars of conformity and discipline. The most outgoing of the group, Charlie Dalton, takes bold moves to publicly speak against what is anticipated of him although risking expulsion numerous times throughout the film. Dalton shows his rebellion by very first publishing an post to open the college to girls and then to really getting expelled in the name of standing up for Mr. Keating in the face of Neil Perry’s death. Similar to Dalton, a lot of other boys make bold moves that they would not have prior to gaining the self-respect that enabled them to pursue their personal desires.

The concepts created by Weir in the inspirational film Dead Poets Society forces a new perspective on the subject of the romanticism of life by means of a setting that curses person pondering. It is clear from the numerous illustrations in character improvement that Weir’s tips of idealism in an person is the most crucial element in gaining appreciation for life and locating purpose to live.

“Truth is like a blanket that constantly leaves your feet cold. You push at it, stretch it, it will never be enough. You kick at it, beat at it, it will by no means cover any of us. From the moment we enter crying to the moment you leave dying.” Todd Anderson (Dead Poets Society).

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