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Published: 19-12-2019

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Important: This essay is not a finished work, it is only an outline that needs refinement and formatting.
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Defining Moments In Canadian History

The 20th century was a really depressing, brutal, and general gruesome time for the world simply because of the 108 million lives that have been lost to war. In Canadian history, there has been numerous events, actions, and decisions that we can get in touch with defining moments in our history. Throughout the 20th century, Canada had grown to a point that they had grow to be their personal country, this was a outcome of the wars we took apart of and were surprisingly victorious in our battles. In Canadian history, there were numerous defining moments such as the battle of Vimy Ridge, Canada joining NATO, and the effects of the Excellent Depression on Canada.

In WW1 there have been many battles for land that were required to be taken back, one particular of them becoming Vimy Ridge which was regained by Canada. The battle of Vimy Ridge began April 9th and ended April 12th, 1917. This was an essential point to recapture since it was a territorial advantage point and gave our side a excellent new benefit in the war. The cause this was a defining moment for Canada was that France tried to regain their land back and then the British troops tried to recapture the location but also lost. When the Canadians came we retook the land simply because of Arthur Currie’s tactic. Basic Arthur Currie used a practiced attack called the “Creeping Barrage”, in which right after the firing of artillery you take 50 mins to reload, in this time they would move forward till they fire once more or make it past no man’s land. This was our greatest victory in WW1 and the battle that showed other nations that we have been a robust and independent nation. In conclusion, this battle gave us pride and showed other people that we weren’t just far more British troops, we were Canadian.

The Wonderful Depression was a globe epidemic that lowered the economy of every nation in the world, which lead to numerous difficulties and all round caused WW2. Right after the 1st World War jobs that had been required for war disseminated providing several countries new lows for unemployment. This was accompanied by purchasing factors with credit, which leaded to several individuals acquiring stocks with credit. October 29th, 1929, the stock marketplace crashed, this lead to Canada and a lot of other countries getting into depression exactly where almost everything was worth 40% significantly less than ahead of. This is a defining moment in Canadian history because it made us join the Second Planet War. The war work gave several previously unemployed Canadians jobs, which elevated the economy way more quickly than if there was no war. The war effort itself lost more than 44,000 Canadians lives and 54,000 Canadians were wounded but right after the war the countries formerly in depression became stable. Therefore, without having the war, the depression brought on by the stock market place wouldn’t have been lifted from Canada.

NATO is an intergovernmental military alliance amongst North America and Europe, which outlining that if an external celebration would invade an alliance member the other countries would assist them fight. After WW2, the Americans and the Soviet Union got into a hazardous argument over political systems the Americans wanted a democratic government ruling all the nations while the Soviet Union wanted a communist world. Due to this argument, the Soviet Union sought Canada as an enemy as nicely, this prompted Canada to join the NATO. Canada joined the NATO not only to defend themselves from the Soviet but also to settle rivalries in between the UK, America, and other European nations exactly where they would have to decide on sides. This is a defining moment in Canadian history because with producing this intergovernmental alliance Canada avoided getting taken over by other nations. NATO alliance offered aid, support and protection from enemy attacks enabling us to nonetheless be a nation. Soon after joining NATO Canada has never lost a war and permitted us to alternatively save other countries with our peacekeeping force. In summary, NATO saved Canada from the Soviet Union and rest of the globe and permitted us to keep a strong, resilient nation.

In conclusion, the 3 defining moments in Canadian history is the battle of Vimy Ridge, The Wonderful Depression that reduced our economy, and the creation of NATO. Canada fought and regained Vimy type the Germans giving us excellent honor from the other European country. The Fantastic Depression lowered the Canada’s economy and produced us join the war. NATO allowed Canada to steer clear of wars against the Soviet Union, America, UK, and other European nations allowing Canada with a weak army to survive.
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