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Published: 29-09-2019

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I have never ever viewed a person to have lived, till he contributes anything to this globe be it information, a device, or art. How then will I reside? Being a person of intellectual curiosity, I have always been endeared to study. There is a particular joy in unearthing a hidden truth or in discovering a procedure or product so profound that it can positively change one’s environment. My quest to meet the challenges of study and developments in the emerging petrochemical sector drove me to key in Petrochemical Engineering at the undergraduate level. My undergraduate system was as rewarding as it was joyful, howbeit, the latter stages of it rewrote and remarkably shaped my intellectual interests.

My exposure to technical knowledge of reaction kinetics, mathematical modeling, process design and manage mechanism deepened my understanding and made Approach Systems Engineering far more fascinating to me. Due to my innate passion for approach systems engineering, I not only excelled but performed notably much better in courses related to it, for instance, Kinetics and Reaction Engineering, Procedure Design and style and Economics, Instrumentation, Method Handle and Simulation, just to mention but a couple of.

Moreover, during the summer of 2015, my time at Tema Oil Refinery (TOR) Restricted as an intern made me appreciate the efforts of method or style engineers in designing, optimizing and controlling complex chemical, physical or biological processes. I recollect becoming astounded at the complex network of pipes, tank farm and the size of vessels and towers. A flood of queries flushed via my mind, prime among which have been how the engineers came up with the style and an effective automation of the refining procedure such that, for every probably fluctuation that could take place, they had treatments in location? With my urge to seek options, I then relished that my commitment towards pursuing method systems engineering at the graduate level was taken a notch larger.

To satiate my intellectual curiosity and to fulfill my ambition, I have decided to additional my education by acquiring a Master’s degree in Method Systems Engineering (PSEng) from University of Regina. I would like to get involved in research perform in this region. The PSEng system contains sophisticated undergraduate courses that heightened my interest such as Sophisticated Reaction Engineering, Advanced Mass Transfer, Modeling and Simulation. The study areas on which Professor Raphael Idem concentrate interest me and I hope to work closely with him on post combustion carbon capture, heterogeneous catalyst improvement and host of others.
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