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Examples Of Ren In Everyday Life Essay

This idea of Ren reflects presuppositions that are typical of Confucian philosophical anthropology (ideological observation on human nature) . Confucians have historically regarded each individual not as a morally independent person but as a cultural state whose personality derives from his interaction with and act within the broader human community. The individual who demonstrates Ren represents the ideal of what the human should be and encourages others to seek toward it. As a matter of fact, this language is homophonous with the word for human (ren ) . This idea of Ren has been interpreted in several ways, some of them partly stated in English renderings , e.g., “ good, ” “ kindness, ” and “ love. ” All these interpretations, However, Share two beliefs: Every human has the ability to have Ren, and Ren manifests itself when the moral individual treats others with humaneness.
Confucianism is also named this belief of Ren. This idea of Ren occupies the central place in the Confucian belief. At the Analects, Confucius noted Ren over a hundred times, but he never officially specified it. In the English world, students have interpreted Ren by some statements – kindness, love, selflessness, kindness, benevolence, mercy, magnanimity, humaneness, world, prefect virtue, goodness, and so forth. Confucius stated, “ Ren equals to like others ” (Analects, 12.22 ). One may readily get this meaning of Ren if ready to do so. Confucius stated, “ Is Ren indeed up to now off? One could not need to stand seeing sufferings.
At Analects, besides the important thought of Ren, Confucius also stated his views on how to accomplish Ren and characteristics of Ren, taking this conceptual idea is not far beyond one’s reach. “ Is Ren actually so far off? If I just want it, I would find the way to get it ” (Analects, 7.30 ). By “ restricting yourself and falling to these rites constitutes Ren. If for one time you managed to restrict yourself and move to these rites, in the way you would take the whole world back to Ren. Ren has some outward expressions. Confucius believed “ attitude, ” “ care ” “ spirit ” and “ uprightness ” as elements of Ren. Practice is the standard of Ren.

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