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Family Structural Theory Essay

Home systems therapy is using Murray bowen’’s home systems concept, which carries that people are inseparable from their system of relationships. Like other psychoanalysts of his time, Murray Bowen was involved in producing more technological and clinical management procedures as an alternative to traditional identification models and pathological words. Bowen thought all therapists had known challenges within their house of origin and that the awareness of this would help therapists alter human behaviour for people in care.
Structural-functional theory the structural-functional concept emphasises the structure or structure of the home and how the system facilitates its process. It characterizes the house as the social structure and analyzes the relationship between the members as they carry through household functions (Friedman , 1998) . fundamental assumptions of the concept are as follows:
Structural family therapy Structural family therapy (SFT) is the concept that views the house as a psychosocial structure imbedded within the larger societal structure that is preserved by its ’ own interactional patterns (Vetere, 2001) . Within this house structure are subsystems, limits and hierarchies (Minuchin& Fishman, 1981) . For the individuals symptoms to determine, functional changes must be created by the house (Minuchin& Fishman, 1981) . The purpose of SFT is to change symptoms as The consequence of dysfunction

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