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Fantomina Summary Essay

This novel opens in The theater. The lovely, dignified, witty woman, who stays nameless in the book (but here called Fantomina, for comfort) , is going to the Playhouse. Rather than watching this move, she is observing the behaviour of the aristocratic males also going to the theater, seeing how they respond to the prostitutes in this ‘ Pit ’ below. The character ponders as to how some men might take such high class and behaviors, yet behave in such a perverse way. As an most cultural experiment to see how she could be obtained, the protagonist—who is of genteel birth—decides to dress and function as a woman in the theater. She will go out with working in the way as there is no authority figure in the town to whom she is responsible. She observes these ladies with wonder in order to take to imitate their conduct herself.


Fantomina continues to maintain her original house, and receives Beauplaisir as both Widow Bloomer and Fantomina. However, it is now extremely evident that he has grown tired of both. She is busy planning a way to drop these two characters and continue the game when her Mother unexpectedly arrives. She has heard nothing of Fantomina’s pursuits. Even so, Fantomina is now restricted in her social freedom. Yet this is the least of her worries: it is revealed she is pregnant with Beauplaisir’s child. She attends a ball as a goodbye from society, and it is here that she goes into labor. Her Mother demands to know the Father of her child.


Finally, fantomina's different identities achieve nothing; they do help to discover how lustful Beauplasir is , too as Fantomina whether she acted on curiosity her true intentions be unclear. Alas, fantomina's inventive disguises just fulfill her sexual desires, but never make a long- lasting relationship with Beauplasir which results in her personal dishonesty. Fantomina's pregnancy turns into her real narrative in which she has missed everything including her honor.


And yet, the prostitute Fantomina does embody a type of triumph over the subordinate station of women. She manages to retain her own sense of identity, and it is this very identity that attracts Beauplaisir to her in the first place.


Fantomina opens at the Playhouse in London, where the unknown main character is fascinated by the forces in the house, observing how they pay attention to the prostitutes there. She determines to dress up and play the part of the woman herself. In hiding, she particularly loves interacting with the aristocrat Beauplaisir, whom she has seen earlier. Previously, he payed no attention to her and she would not move him well because of the cultural limitations placed on women. He does not acknowledge her immediately and expects to satisfy her afterwards, presumably to get her services. She places him off until tomorrow night and rents the way before encountering him.


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