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Published: 06-09-2019

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Faye Carey - Teenage girl is dogs” best friend

While most teenage girls are busy doing their nails and downloading the most current music, Faye Carey is assisting re-property dozens of abandoned dogs. The 16-year-old Waikato teen volunteers with her local branch of Animal Manage, providing abandoned animals a second opportunity at life. She has set up a Facebook page, where she advertises puppies and dogs who need adopting.

It all began when Faye underwent a week of perform knowledge at Animal Handle last November. Each country has its personal stay animal crisis and there are various factors. “We picked up a puppy in the pound the initial day I went to Animal Handle and then on my last day he was nevertheless there and I felt really sorry for him,” she says. “So I advertised him on TradeMe and he got a lot of interest and he went to a lovely residence in Auckland.” The notion for the Facebook page came when Faye was attempting to re-residence a litter of abandoned kittens, and necessary a free of charge way to advertise.

The page has practically 300 likes and a loyal following of happy new parents. Faye has managed to re-residence a lot more than 60 dogs. “This takes a lot of the heat off the pound for us attempting to get these dogs into houses,” says Animal Control officer Vaughan Oliver. “The very good factor about it is Faye takes time to present our dogs in the ideal feasible light.” Faye helps with providing our dogs that normally miss out in the initial instance of acquiring adopted … a second likelihood. “Faye nonetheless spends each and every Friday volunteering at Animal Manage, grooming the new puppies and photographing them for the Facebook page. She also spends around three hours each and every night organising for people to view the animals, setting up adoptions and replying to emails.

It can be stressful attempting to juggle, because we’ve got animals at property and schoolwork and chores and every thing else. But I feel it’s straightforward for me to do my work, because I’m really committed to the puppies and dogs,” she says. “It’s rewarding as nicely, so that makes it worthwhile.” The pound receives as several as 20 new dogs every week, most of which require rehoming. “The majority of our dogs that we uncover are usually out roaming or abandoned and frequently we get a lot of dogs who are surrendered by their owners who can no longer appear right after them,” says Mr. Oliver. “With Faye’s aid and work we can very typically get these dogs into appropriate caring properties quite swiftly now, so it’s great. The turnaround is very quickly.” While Faye will nonetheless be at higher school for two far more years, she hopes to maintain working with animals. “I’d really like to have a career in Animal Handle. I really get pleasure from dealing with individuals and creating a distinction.” And, Animal Control will be content to maintain her. “We’re just very lucky and blessed to have Faye,” says Mr Oliver. “She actually restores my faith in the community out there. She does a wonderful job assisting out.” Faye posts photographs of new dogs accessible for adoption every single week on her Facebook page.
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