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Published: 24-12-2019

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Important: This essay is not a finished work, it is only an outline that needs refinement and formatting.
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Being Motivated by Your Fears

It is undeniable that folks are motivated by many various items, but worry is one of the most effective motivators there is. Worry is the natural instinct that helped humans by way of their evolution. Today, folks do not have to reside with ancient threats such as huge animals but worry keeps humans moving forward in life. In life nothing at all tends to make individuals a lot more uncomfortable than worry, we have so several fears worry of discomfort, fear of disease, worry of failure, worry of change. Fear can be a strong motivator both positively and negatively, it tends to make men and women decide on in between fight or flight.

Not only has fear saved men and women from predators and disasters, but we have also discovered to use worry against other folks for our personal acquire. Dictators use threats to make followers obey them. Worry is even more powerful if it used against followers in religions. Numerous religions profess the goodness of a single God or multiple Gods, but fear is utilized as a motivator, the worry of hell tends to make several worship faithfully. We might even doubt that hell exists but worry tends to make us not take any possibilities and adhere to the church’s.

Fear is a powerful motivator that is not only employed by religious leaders but also by politicians, especially in the course of campaigns. Without having a doubt, worry is utilised in negative advertising. Damaging marketing is used to make individuals worry what the other politician plans to do. The outcome if you vote for the wrong party or chose the opposite person tends to make you fear voting for someone else. The same is utilised by markets especially on weight control tablets and diets. Worry motivates men and women far much more than unfavorable marketing. Although the promises are rarely kept, people who use fear against other individuals think such advertisements operate far better.

Fear can be used to motivate employees to sell more or make much more or get fired, fear can be used to motivate students to function better or face consequences. Fear can be utilized to promote healthy consuming habits. Worry motivates somebody to eat better and workout. If the medical professional says you will have a heart attack if you do not exercise and consume far better. All round fear of premature death makes a single lose the battle to short-term comfort and convenience such a junk food.

Fear is an essential emotion that pushes people into the alternative of fight or flight. Nevertheless if misused then fear can be hazardous. We have the capacity to use our rationality to keep away from damaging fear responses by recognizing when we are pushed into speculations that push us to conform to dictating leaders, religious and political concepts. Fear as an emotion has been the greatest surviving aspect but it must not to be misused.
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