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Published: 01-12-2019

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Important: This essay is not a finished work, it is only an outline that needs refinement and formatting.
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Framework components of The Committee of Sponsoring Organizations of the Treadway Commission (COSO)

COSO was formed in 1985 to sponsor the National Commission on Fraudulent Financial Reporting. The Treadway Commission was initially jointly sponsored and funded by 5 main expert accounting associations and institutes: the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA), American Accounting Association (AAA), Economic Executives International (FEI), Institute of Internal Auditors (IIA) and the Institute of Management Accountants (IMA). The Treadway Commission advised that the organizations sponsoring the Commission perform with each other to develop integrated guidance on internal manage. These five organizations formed what is now referred to as the Committee of Sponsoring Organizations of the Treadway Commission.

The COSO internal control framework consists of five interrelated components derived from the way management runs a organization. According to COSO, these elements provide an successful framework for describing and analyzing the internal handle method implemented in an organization as required by economic regulations:
  1. Control atmosphere

  2. The manage atmosphere sets the tone of an organization, influencing the manage consciousness of its people. It is the foundation for all other elements of internal handle, delivering discipline and structure. Manage atmosphere variables consist of the integrity, ethical values, management’s operating style, delegation of authority systems, as effectively as the processes for managing and developing people in the organization.
  3. Risk assessment

  4. Each and every entity faces a range of risks from external and internal sources that should be assessed. A precondition to danger assessment is establishment of objectives and as a result danger assessment is the identification and evaluation of relevant risks to the achievement of assigned objectives. Danger assessment is a prerequisite for determining how the dangers need to be managed.
  5. Handle activities

  6. Handle activities are the policies and procedures that assist make certain management directives are carried out. They support make certain that required actions are taken to address the dangers that might hinder the achievement of the entity’s objectives. Manage activities happen all through the organization, at all levels and in all functions. They consist of a range of activities as diverse as approvals, authorizations, verifications, reconciliations, critiques of operating efficiency, safety of assets and segregation of duties.
  7. Information and communication

  8. Info systems play a essential role in internal control systems as they create reports, like operational, monetary and compliance-connected data, that make it possible to run and control the business. In a broader sense, successful communication need to ensure information flows down, across and up the organization. For instance, formalized procedures exist for men and women to report suspected fraud. Efficient communication must also be ensured with external parties, such as buyers, suppliers, regulators and shareholders about connected policy positions.
  9. Monitoring

  10. Internal manage systems require to be monitored—a procedure that assesses the high quality of the system’s functionality more than time. This is accomplished by means of ongoing monitoring activities or separate evaluations. Internal handle deficiencies detected via these monitoring activities must be reported upstream and corrective actions should be taken to make certain continuous improvement of the technique.
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