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Published: 16-10-2019

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Gender Roles: “Shrek”

Gender roles are the set of social norms that dictate different behaviors typically considered by people as suitable, acceptable, or desirable primarily based on the actual or perception of sexuality. The notion of gender roles is far exhibited by the presence of masculinity and femininity in society (Lindsey and Christy 10). Some of the gender roles’ traits are equivalent across a number of cultures. It is perceived that gender roles are also dictated by the biological aspects. The Globe Overall health Organization defines gender roles as “The socially constructed roles, behaviors, activities, and attributes that a offered society considers proper for guys and women.” Nonetheless, Gender roles have been staged in literature and films as properly. “Shrek” is an animated film that exhibits gender representation by way of its characters who show shifted gender roles.

About and Plot Summary of the Film

The film “Shrek” is an American animated fantasy film written by Ted Elliot, Terry Rossio, Roger Schulman, and Joe Stillman released on April 22, 2001. The film includes each human and animal characters and can be viewed by each adult and youngsters (Elliot, Stillman, Schulman, and Rossio). Shrek is a green ogre whose swamp has been dumped with every single sort of fairytale creatures accomplished by Lord Farquaad who has an aim of becoming a king. Shrek moves out with noisy Donkey in a quest to persuade Lord Farquaad to reinstate the swamp to Shrek. For Farquaad to grant Shrek his request, they make a deal to first rescue beautiful Princess Fiona. Princess Fiona is to be married by Prince Charming who is in a tower guarded by Dragon who is breathing fire. On returning with Princess, the ugly ogre falls in love with her regardless of her having hidden secret.

Gender Roles

Characters in the “Shrek” are used to exhibit the notion of gender roles. For instance, Shrek is given character traits of masculinity in his way of living. He stays alone in a swamp where he utilizes his earwax to make a candle. He is utilized to doing all the tough operates like rescuing Princess Fiona. His behavior is not attractive to the society just simply because he is a male who is working out the masculine qualities like pride. Furthermore, his pride is enormous when demanding back his swamp taken by Lord Farquaad. The characters portrayed by the ogre are normally the one attributed to masculinity in society.

The distance among two genders is an aspect of gender roles in a society (Lindsey and Christy 12). This kind of non-verbal communication is very observed in societies in daily activities like the mode of dressing. For instance, in the “Shrek”, Shrek observes a higher distance when meeting with Donkey compared to when he is meeting with Fiona. This trait attributes the masculine characteristics of gender. Even so, Prince Charming is opposed to such a trait since it is seemingly against the want of the society.

Males and females have outlined roles to play in every day activities. Nevertheless, in the “Shrek”, Fiona is observed to have masculine characteristic when she fights her attackers lead by Robin Hood. According to the society, Fiona is not expected to show such traits as a female because fighting is taken in as males’ function. In this way, Fiona breaks the stereotype that: females need to not engage in war for it (war) is perceived to be males’ duty and responsibility.

The fear of becoming rejected in society simply because of unusual appearance explains the gender representation. In the movie “Shrek”, Fiona is afraid that Shrek will not accept her because she is in a type of an ogre. In the second movie, Fiona aids Shrek to an extent of crying by herself away, an aspect that is used to underline her femininity. The femininity is backed up when she is tremendously helping in the constructing of the relationship among her household and Shrek by inviting each and every particular person into her feminine conversation.

In conclusion, the film “Shrek” has effectively created a alter in the view of gender roles. The masculine and the feminine have shifted from one side to another in an try at gaining perfection (Lindsey and Christy 23). The altering has also observed Shrek to sometimes demonstrate feminine qualities like when he is so emotional that he does not exactly know how to explain his enjoy to Fiona. On the other side, Fiona is at occasions exhibiting masculine traits like pride when responding to Lord Farquaad and fighting Robin Hood. Nonetheless, gender roles might shift from 1 side to an additional based on one’s personality.
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