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Published: 20-11-2019

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Important: This essay is not a finished work, it is only an outline that needs refinement and formatting.
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Guccio Gucci: the History of Success

Every thing began in Florence in 1921 when Guccio Gucci, coming back from London where he was working for the Savoy Hotel, decided to open a shop specialized in fine leather goods. He started selling leather bags to horsemen simply because the Florence nobility started to ask him to make accessories for horse riding, in this way burned the first logo of Gucci: the clamp. He began to have different consumers so he began to make luxury luggage. In the course of the years of Fascist, Guccio Gucci was forced to make the very best out of necessity and given that the laws just before and soon after Planet War II did not let the importantion of materials, he started to use strange sort of material (flax, hemp, jute) for the luxury market, during this period the Bamboo bag was born because the craftsmen started to brown the reeds in order to make the manage.

Following Guccio’s death in 1953 the firm was inherited by his 4 sons: Aldo, Ugo, Vasco and Rodolfo in these years for the 1st time was introduced the so known tape with the green, red, green weft taken from the classic saddle circumference that today is still the banner of Gucci, but it was just in the “60s that was born the two crossed Gs. The fortune of Gucci was produced by the Hollywood stars, which opened shops in London, Paris, Palm Beach and Beverly Hills, although the Hobo bag was worn for Liz Taylor, Peter Sellers and the very first lady Jackie Kennedy passed her name to the shoulder bag, the Jackie O.

In the “70s there was the total spread of the brand: the very first pret-a-porter where the banner is carved on the buttons or printed on the shirts, the development in the East pushed by the appropriate perceptions of Aldo which brought to the opening of Tokyo and Hong Kong, rising elaborated processes and often much more luxurious materials following the ideology of Aldo Gucci according to whom the value, though higher, was shortly forgotten unlike the good quality is destined to last and be for a long time appreciated. In 1982 Gucci was turned into a restricted business run by Maurizio, Rodolfo’s son, who owned 50% of the shares, but in 1987 Investcorp started the acquisition of Gucci.

Investcorp is an investment company that in the“90s had total handle of Gucci. Right after some tough years as a outcome of these business events Gucci came to rule the globe with the arrival of a new inventive director in 1994, Tom Ford.The Texan designer, thanks to some advertising and marketing campaigns, impose a new image of the brand higher heels, silk jersey dresses, visible inserts on deep necklines or nudity became the codes of Gucci’s lady, which was also accompanied by a corresponding masculine image vain and luxurious.In 1998, Gucci was listed by the CEO, Domenico De Sole, on the stock market and named the European Organization of the Year by the federation of European Ec.
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