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Published: 30-09-2019

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Important: This essay is not a finished work, it is only an outline that needs refinement and formatting.
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Hmong Faith's Portrayal in Drama Series Grey's Anatomy

The debate between religion verses science has been a conflict more than centuries and a dividing aspect in modern day day culture. Typically, doctors have a challenging time understanding a patient’s decision to deny treatment since of their beliefs and religion, which could potentially terminate a life-threatening disease. Even so, in Grey’s Anatomy, a popular television series, the physicians of Seattle Grace Hospital encounter many patients that call for alternate therapies due to the fact of their faith. This is apparent in the episode, “Bring the Pain,” exactly where a young American Hmong lady is not permitted to undergo surgery until she finds one of her loss souls, which is stated to have triggered the illness. I think the producers did a respectable job in introducing this religious ideology, into the series, by presenting a division but not in a negative light. I also believed the portrayal was respectful and tasteful to the proper rituals, traditions, and cultures of the Hmong faith.

Anna, the young woman in need of spinal surgery, looked like a “typical” Asian-American lady. Yet, it took the medical doctors, and numerous viewers, by surprise when she had to ask her father for permission to undergo the surgery. He wouldn’t allow her to have the surgery and planned on taking her home that day. Doctor Shepard explained that since she was over 18 she didn’t need her parents’ consent. Anna responds, “I’m Hmong and my father is the elder. If he says I go house, I go property.[1]”

Even in an emergency scenario, the man is the dominant figure in the loved ones. The conventional gender roles in the Hmong religion are quite distinct and come from the time of Confucius. The mother is the nurturer of the youngsters and residence whilst the man’s duty involves family responsibility and the provision for the physical and spiritual welfare of his household[2]. The man is in a position to consult with his wife in a selection but has the final say and announcement.

The medical doctors instantly insisted on calling Social Services since of the severity of the tumor and unethical decision Anna’s father was creating, according to the Doctors’ opinions. Nonetheless, Meredith Grey felt she was missing data and sat down with Anna to comprehend what was permitted and alternatives that could be utilised. Anna explained, “Our religion has got guidelines that are way old and way set in stone and way spiritual, you do not mess with them. You do not anger the ancestors.[3]”

The Hmong men and women think in ancestor veneration, the dead have a continued existence, and might possess the ability to influence the fortune of the living[four]. The loyalty in a Hmong household is 1 of the most hugely valued virtues since if the ancestors are satisfied, the lives of the living will be optimistic. In this episode, it is clear that Anna wants to stay loyal to her traditions and ancestors, even although it might appear peculiar to a person not apart of the religion.

One of the beliefs Anna explained to Meredith was the calling back of 1 of her loss souls, which was why her father would not let her undergo surgery. Meredith quickly explains to Dr. Shepard that there demands to be a soul calling ceremony, also known as a hu plig, and then the surgery could move forward. Anna’s family members shaman flies in by helicopter in traditional dress and robe and performs the ceremony in the hospital room. Anna turns to Meredith prior to the begin and says, “I know it sounds like a load of crap but watch the ritual, you will see…. The moment it takes place.[five] In this approach, a Shaman, an intermediary among this globe and the spirit planet[6], performs chants and food offerings in hopes to achieve a harmony in between the living and the ancestors. This episode does just that. Of course, there is fire and dramatic music to play on the tension and anticipation of finding the loss soul but is tastefully completed, otherwise.

Individuals will usually discover some thing incorrect with the portrayal of a specific religion in common culture to guarantee the protection of the beliefs and to steer clear of mockery. It is virtually impossible to please every single individual who watches a religion becoming represented simply because of the specifics that come with it. For example, a Hmong person living in the East would possibly not even use contemporary or western medicine but since of entertainment purposes and American production this could be the cause this occurred in the episode.

All round, I really feel that the representation of the Hmong was a positive portrayal because of the explanation of beliefs and rituals. The viewers saw from the starting the conventional gender divide but it wasn’t abusive like other shows have portrayed Asian culture, in the past. The writers created certain to explain that it was a portion of their religion and even even though it may possibly appear odd to a Catholic or yet another religious domination, it could be solved but it was just the methods required to be taken to follow their religious recommendations. I also think by showing the ritual and talking about the ancestors it helped viewers have a much more positive outlook and open mind on diverse cultures, particularly significantly less known like the Hmong.
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