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Published: 04-10-2019

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Important: This essay is not a finished work, it is only an outline that needs refinement and formatting.
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How The Chinese New Year Began

Did you ever heard about the story of Nian? Nian was a quite horrible monster that came out and ate individuals in the course of the Chinese New Year’s Eve. This monster was afraid of red color and loud noise, so at that time individuals was going to use red paper to decorated the home, wear red clothes and fires the fireworks. This is the origin of Chinese New Year. Chinese New Year is one of the most crucial holidays for Chinese folks. At that period of time, folks keep with their family and celebrate the Chinese New Year. Chinese New Year means a lot of Chinese men and women, and men and women celebrate in many traditional techniques.

Chinese New Year has extremely particular meanings for Chinese individuals. First, it represents the new starts of the year. The new start off indicates a very good beginning for the rest of the year, and brings people’s luck. The most crucial issue about Chinese New Year is that this is the vacation for individuals keep with each other with family members. In Chinese tradition, reunion is significantly a lot more important than other people.

The celebration begins at Chinese New Year’s Eve, and this is the most critical day during the Chinese New Year holiday. According to the story of Nian, individuals at New Year’s Eve start to decorate with red lantern, paper cutting pasted on panes, and men and women at least put on one red clothing. Simply because of this is New Year, folks usually take away some old furnishings and replace it by new ones. The New Year’s Eve dinner is the most essential dinner for the Chinese. Normally, this is the loved ones reunion dinner, specifically for these with family members away from home. During the dinner, usually fish and dumplings will be served, since these two dishes represent the luck and wealth. Right after the dinner, families always keep up late till the next day is coming and fire the fireworks at the midnight. These are all the activities that during the New Year’s Eve. Men and women not only celebrate on the New Year’s Eve, but also celebrate at the rest of the days.

There are several other essential activities throughout the festival. By going to relatives and friends in the course of the day, young children constantly obtain “Red Packets” which are provided by the elder individuals and with money in it. These days are the happiest days for little children. Individuals can go to the classic market which such as a lot of scrumptious foods and several various shows, such as the Lion and Dragon Dances, traditional rituals. In the course of the festival, folks do not require to be concerned about their works, and youngsters do not need to write any homework.

Chinese New Year is my favourite festival, simply because I can keep with my parents, and get the “Red Packets”. Though I can't have Chinese New Year holiday now, I know that my parents will often keep with me, and miss me. Chinese New Year is the best vacation for Chinese, and it implies a lot for folks. This is the conventional vacation lasts for decades. Although these days are the coldest days in a year, there are the warmest days for each and every Chinese. I believe that men and women from different nation have their own festival that is as important as Chinese New Year for them.
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