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How To Be A Good Parent Essay

Raising kids can be extremely challenging on occasion. While there are many characters needed to be a great parent, there are two essential qualities that every parent should be of while raising their kids. By the parent receiving love and training in the raising of their kids would result in better parenting. A great parent must make his or her baby feel cherished on occasion; However, the parent must also develop children when needed. Love is highly important for the parent to support while raising children and should be the primary target of any parent. A parent may give the level to the person by performing activities that he or she loves. For instance, the parent may play games or have the popular book of the child’s feeling. If the person is shown care by the parent it gives them the sense of feeling important and cared about by the loved one. When the person consumes of the feeling of value it provides confidence to change.


Determination implies that you make hard to be the best parent that you will. According to this article, What Qualities do a good parent, growing into a better parent is the high job that every parent should seek to reach (2013 ) . If one is not a better parent, they will always be in being a better parent. If they get in being a better parent, their child will acknowledge those changes and in turn not have the bad meaning of parenting. With this better, there always be that worst. There are certain characters that create the ineffective parent.


Being a good parent isn't something that just happens. It takes work and dedication, trial and error. Good parents make mistakes and fall short of the mark as well. Good parents understand they need both parents there to effectively love and understand their children. Being totally involved in your child's life is the sign of good parenting and good parent.


Having good children is one of the most important issues or probably wishes for all of the parents. Generally, childes are the evidence of parent’s behaviors, moralities, and personalities. Because of this parents are sensitive toward their childes. Certainly, all of parents like to grow up their children as well as possible, but measures of good child are vary around the world. Seemingly, some of the most important qualities of good son or daughter in my view point which derived from my culture are obedience, loyalty, and respect and never have changed.


Our culture of competition is making parents try even harder when it comes to parenting their kids, which can lead to helicopter parenting. Many parents believe they are using good parenting skills to the max. Unfortunately, maximizing good parenting skills can skew the skill and it is no longer beneficial. For example, a parent who helps their child with homework when the child is struggling and asking for help is far different from a parent who hovers over their child at the table each night as the child completes hours of homework under the strict guidance of their parent.


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