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Humanity Essay

World is the important part of our everyday lives because it is about serving others attempting to see them. Showing mankind does not want to be rich, yet the poor will present mankind by helping others with whatever he may give. Different students define world as the experience of the world and living the fate, which in most cases is to seek to live harmoniously and peacefully as possible. World is not about the individual trying to keep harmony; it requires performing good acts like eating the homeless, treating the opponent with respect and love and giving the respect for God who created humans.


The character liáo in oracle bone inscriptions depicts putting a person on a pyre. In rénjì bÇ”cà 人ç¥åœè¾ž, the specific way of killing human sacrifice by this method was to put human sacrifice on a pyre to worship spirits . Liáowas written as liáoå°žin the written records . In ancient people's mind, the deities lived above the sky, the smoke rosed up there and then could be received by them easily. To burn human victims originated under such kind of thought. At the first beginning of the sacrificial act, the human victims mainly were the people who held the sacrificial activities . Furthermore, their purpose was different.


Niebuhr does speak about sacrificial love as the ideal and likewise as the solution in human affairs. Jesus’s acts at assuming the mark and initiating atonement were sacrificial love. Thus Niebuhr relates to sacrificial love as the peak of passion. Agape gets for Niebuhr characters of bliss which determine `` the highest heroic possibilities of human creation (including certainly martyrdom) .24


We see countless examples of love throughout the book through the characters actions. Martine Luther states that agape is “understanding†(King 19). The more the characters understand each other, the more they come to care and love each other. This makes them all, as a community, much stronger. “It's a love story, plain and simple†Harper Lee states. Not a romance, but a book in which agape is shown throughout. This is a book of understanding, and when there's understanding, there is agape. This love is important because this is what human nature needs in order to become united.


“ Agape is complete passion, the passion that devours those that have it. Whoever knows and feels Agape realizes that nothing else in the world is of any value, but knowing. This was the passion that Christ thought for humans, and it was so important that it swayed the stars and altered the way of someone’s history. ” “ within the millennia of the history of civilization, Some people have been afflicted by the passion that Devours. They had a lot to say – and this humanity required so little – that they were compelled to try out these deserts and isolated situations because love was so important that it transfigured them.


We shall be compelled to conclude that the fiery and destructive passions of war reign in the human breast with much more powerful sway than the mild and beneficent sentiments of peace; and that to model our political systems upon speculations of lasting tranquility, is to calculate on the weaker springs of the human character.

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