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Published: 04-09-2019

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Important: This essay is not a finished work, it is only an outline that needs refinement and formatting.
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Intellectual Interests

My personal intellectual interests and passion revolve around Biology and Chemistry. My love and passion for science are derived from my curiosity about nature. I have usually found nature to be fascinating because I was a youngster. That childhood fascination with nature has not left me but has deepened more than the years into my interest in Biology and Chemistry. My interest in Biology and Chemistry has more than the years grown into a passion that I now want to make my profession by majoring in the two subjects once I join Cornell’s College of Arts and Sciences.

Genetics, nutrition, environmental biology and molecular biology are the principal elements of biology that interest me. In Chemistry, I find great interest in Biochemistry as it is the study of life. My interest in these elements is largely drawn from my life in the slums of Peru. Obtaining been brought up in the slums of Peru, I have witnessed the misfortunes of living in adverse poverty.

The individuals living in the slums of Peru suffer from food insecurity which has led to malnutrition amongst the children of Peru. Living in adverse poverty and the lack of access to clean water and suitable sanitation has seen the prevalence of diseases be on the rise in Peru. The matter is additional aggravated by the truth that the folks living in the slums are disadvantaged socioeconomically. In the slums of Peru, malnutrition, genetic illnesses and acquired ailments associated to sanitation are rampant.

My life in Peru intrigued me to focus in Biology and Chemistry in order to recognize the human physique in the regular and diseased states, elements that predisposes human beings to ailments and methods in which such situations can be prevented. The environmental aspects of biology interests me as I have usually loved to conserve nature. In the slums of Peru even so, environmental pollution and degradation has been rampant considering that I was a youngster. Advancing my expertise in Biology will assist equip me with tips that are eco- friendly, specially on waste disposal and sanitation. Advancing my information on these subjects will assist open my mind to a globe of science and analysis as I seek to aid these who live in the slums of Peru to get better living situations.
Owing to the situation in the slums of Peru and my profound love for nature, I produced it my objective to find an institution that would meet my intellectual aspirations and passion. Cornell’s College of Arts and Sciences has always been my college of option as it has established itself as a center of finding out and excellence. The institution’s structural and academic organization, especially in the division of Science, seems to meet all the needs that will assist me attain my interest in Chemistry and Biology. I think that under the guidance and motivation of Cornell’s highly talented and knowledgeable academic personnel, my knowledge in Biology and Chemistry will be broadened and deepened.

The college’s culture and worth of study will support me sharpen my research skills that will help me in addressing challenges in the health and wellness of the individuals living in the slums of Peru. Being in Cornell’s college will grant me the chance to interact with the college study team, therefore granting me an opportunity to analyze the investigation functions of the college and see what suggestions would advantage the slums of Peru to free itself from the challenges of meals insecurity and higher illness burden. I am
Besides the strong foundation in science and academic operate, I think that this college will support create me into a specialist and an all-about individual via the extracurricular activities that are offered. I appear forward to studying in this college, as this will be a dream come true.
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