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Published: 22-12-2019

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Is nuclear energy safe?

Nuclear power releases the least amount of greenhouse gases compared to other varieties of power. It has been determined that the quantity of greenhouse gases has decreased by practically half because of the prevalence in the utilization of nuclear energy. Nuclear energy has the least effect on nature since it does not discharge any gases like methane and carbon dioxide, also identified as the major greenhouse gases. In addition, it does not impact water, land, or any other territories in a undesirable way.

Low expense

Nuclear power is cost-competitive. The electrical energy that nuclear powers produce is quite inexpensive, and so is the cost of Uranium, which is the element that is utilised as a fuel for the power plants. Even even though the price tag of setting up the nuclear power plants is reasonably higher, the expense of running them is regarded as low.

The typical life of a nuclear reactor is among 40 to 60 years, depending on how typically it is employed and how it is becoming utilised. When all these variables are unified, the expense of delivering energy is low. Moreover, the cost of power will not be affected if the price of uranium improved. As you can see in table 1, generating electrical energy in nuclear reactors is less costly in comparison to electricity generated from gas and coal.


It is estimated that with the present price of consumption of uranium, we will have adequate Uranium for about 70 to 80 years. It is believed that the supply is going to final much longer than that of fossil fuels if they are utilised in the very same capacity.

It is also attainable to fuel nuclear power plants with other fuel types, other than Uranium so that we do not have to worry when Uranium can no longer be found. Thorium, the element that could be Uranium’s substitute, has lately been given an improved quantity of attention. China, Russia, and India have planned to start making use of Thorium very soon to fuel their reactors.

Nuclear power plants offer a stable base load of power. It can perform collectively with renewable resources like wind and solar energy. The electrical energy production from the plants can be lowered when excellent wind and solar sources are available, and raised up when the demand is higher.

As you can see in Table two, the nuclear energy’s capacity aspect, or how significantly of a power plant’s potential is really being utilised, is the highest and is the only electrical energy supply near 100%.

Efficient energy supply

Nuclear power has high power density compared to fossil fuels. The amount of fuel essential by nuclear energy plants is less than what is necessary by other energy plants as the energy released by nuclear fission is higher than the amount of power released by fossil fuel atoms. For example, one gram of Uranium produces about 8,000 times far more electricity than a single gram of coal. We can conclude that nuclear power plants produce far more electricity than coal or all-natural gas plants when they are given the identical quantity of fuel.
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