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Jfk Inaugural Address Analysis Essay

John F Kennedy, the 35th chairman of the United States and human of the available earth through this Cold War, at his first speech, ardently calls for identity at pursuit of the greater good for all people. Kennedy’s aim is to get people together in hopes of improving the earth. Through his use of Aristotelian appeals, repetition, and opposition, Kennedy makes an inspirational sound to declare u.s.’s international aims at unifying people both within this nation and in foreign lands to improve the standing of global society.
On January 20th, 1961, John Fitzgerald Kennedy gave the speech to this country, which embraced the new vision for the nation with the new generation. This speech was jfk’s Inaugural speech. As the current 35th chairman, Kennedy was the youngest president to follow the oval office in the era of forty-three (`` Inaugural speech. `` ). This country was still at in the process of healing after world war 2. In the hearts of these peoples, John Fitzgerald Kennedy was the breath of warm air for the American People.
Criticism of kennedy’s Inaugural speech in 1961 Throughout history, Presidents have used this Inaugural speech as the opportunity to improve the psychological structure of the American people and to the greater world. In order to effectively do So, those who forge this code must demonstrate the mastery of rhetoric. More then than in other writing pieces, the Inaugural speech by world appeals more to the rhetorical factor of feeling.

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