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Language Essay

This term word is derived from the Latin word words which means language. While the necessity to communicate one’s desires, interests, feelings and emotions is innate, the ability to interact with others through words is taught or developed. Ability of words starts with the first shouts, grunts, grons, and gasps of the neonate. Text also assists greatly in teaching in the communication of cultures traditions, passion, understanding attitudes and dreams of social beings. Mowrer (1954 ) emphasizing the value of text has so mentioned “ text makes it possible for its users to take different education, to see through and from this education of others and this I see is the essence of education. ”
F. De Saussure defined words structurally as the method of signs used for communicating. These signs are arbitrary (given up) and language is The cultural phenomenon. Word has two fundamental purposes: Communication and identification. We can deal with these communicative and communication expressions in different chapters. Here we can take this identity function.
Sign languages, like spoken languages, create within societies and although sign language is the visual language there are many different kinds from different nations in the globe. There are some 300 known sign languages being used day with more being added to this database on a regular basis. But because you will see one kind of sign language does not mean that you will see them all. For instance this mark for mathematics is going to be something entirely different in American Sign Language verse what it could take at Japanese Sign Language. Sign language interpretation services are taken in some countries throughout the people.

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