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Ma Joad: Analysis of the Character’s Development

The Grapes of Wrath by John Steinbeck introduces a family members rooted in the leadership of men. The journey of hardship they endure, however, disintegrates this patriarchal manage, leaving the women, Ma specifically, to take charge. As Pa falls behind, guilt-ridden for his lack of potential to give for his family, Ma is left to make the choices. It is she who requires the lives of her loved ones into her personal hands, and via a passionate bond, all humanity, as effectively. Steinbeck illustrates how Ma Joad is the sturdy force inside the family who realizes the correct value and which means of life.
At the novel’s commencement, it is the men of the family members who manage the selection-producing for the Joad clan. Even Ma, an adult, looks to her son to comfort her apprehension in chapter ten.

“Tom, I hope factors is all appropriate in California…seems as well good, kinda. I seen the han’bills fellas pass out, an’ how a lot they is, an’ high wages an’ all an’ I seen in the paper how they want folks to come an’ pick grapes an’ oranges an’ peaches. That’d be nice function, Tom, pickin’ peaches…I’m scared of stuff so good. I ain’t got faith. I’m scared somepin ain’t so nice about it.” (90-91)

As the chapter progresses, it becomes blatantly apparent that the ladies are not noticed as crucial and influential in family members politics.

“Pa squatted there, searching at the truck, his chin in his cupped fist. And Uncle John moved toward him and squatted down beside him. Their eyes were brooding. Grampa came out of the home and saw the two squatting collectively, and he jerked more than and sat on the operating board of the truck facing them. That was the nucleus. Tom and Connie and Noah strolled in and squatted, and the line was a half-circle with Grampa in the opening. And then Ma came out of the property, and Granma with her, and Rose of Sharon behind, walking daintily. They took their places behind the squatting guys.” (100)

The “squatting” guys type the patriarchal structure of the loved ones. Their position signifies a single of authority and intentness, keenly resolving the troubles set ahead of them. Ma, Granma, and Rose of Sharon, however present, are not included in the semicircle of choice-generating. This exclusion is one of both deliberateness and tradition. Usually the household had been run and controlled by the men.
This patriarchal loved ones structure begins to shift as Pa silently renounces his authority. The household endures turmoil and adversity, and a feeling of guilt arises from inside Pa. No longer can he care for his family his adore is not adequate to feed his young children nor hold Granpa alive. Hence, Pa shuts down, steadily rescinding the prominent role of head of the household to his wife. Ma, though she never speaks it, sees her husband being overwhelmed, and she asserts her authority in the household. When the Wilson’s automobile breaks down, Tom and Casy decide to remain behind to fix it, but Ma will not permit the loved ones to be broken up.

“‘What you imply, you ain’t gonna go? You got to go. You got to appear after the household.’ Pa was amazed at the revolt… Ma stepped to the touring vehicle and reached in on the floor of the back seat. She brought out a jack manage and balanced it in her hand very easily. ‘I ain’t a-gonna go,’ she said… Ma’s mouth set difficult. She said softly, ‘Only way you gonna get me to go is to whup me…An’ I’ll shame you, Pa…I swear to Holy Jesus’ sake I will.’” (168-169)

This is the 1st incident where Ma overpowers Pa. With the jack handle in hand, Ma threatens Pa to maintain the family collectively, but in addition, she threatens the household structure. Later, in chapter eighteen, a California deputy attempts to intimidate the Joad women, derogatorily calling them Okies and warning them that they had much better leave. (213-214) Ma, rather than keeping her cool, allows her rage to take hold once again and vehemently reprimands the policeman. The absence of the guys suggests a turning point no longer does Ma need a man to speak or make choices for her. She is in manage of herself, but most critical, of the family members which she now leads.
The family continues their trudging odyssey with Ma at the bow. It is not till the final chapter, however, that her staunch enjoy for her household grants her the realization of what correct humanity is. Inertly being aware of what need to be done, Ma requires the lives of her family members into her personal hands and forcefully leads the family from the boxcar, “‘We’re a-getting’ outa here,’ she stated savagely, ‘getting’ to greater groun’. An’ you’re comin’ or you ain’t comin’, but I’m takin’ Rosasharn an’ the tiny fellas outa here.’” (444) This saving action leads to but one more. Soon after taking cover in a barn, the loved ones comes upon a starving man and his boy.

“Suddenly the boy cried, ‘He’s dying’, I inform you! He’s starvin’ to death, I inform you.’… [Ma] looked at Pa and Uncle John standing helplessly gazing at the sick man. She looked at Rose of Sharon huddled in the comfort. Ma’s eyes passed Rose of Sharon’s eyes, and then came back to them. And the two girls looked deep into each other. The girl’s breath came quick and gasping. She mentioned ‘Yes.’” (454)

It was Ma’s thought to breastfeed the poor, feeble man, her concept to grant the greatest gift, the present of life. No longer was it just the lives of her family members at stake. The migrants had been all linked collectively, joined by way of common struggle, and that bond was fortified via humanity.
A patriarchal family at its begin, The Grapes of Wrath, transforms the Joad loved ones into a matriarch. Along their progressive course, Ma not only replaces Pa, but beings to recognize the value of human life. Forbidding the fragmentation of her household in the already crumbling world around them, Ma affirms her clout throughout the novel. It is her understanding of humanity and compassion for all those alike, even though, that solidifies her spot within humankind.

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