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Minimum Wage Essay

Minimum wage conditions or not to change minimum wage is currently the hot issue. Some think that nominal pay should be increased while others have no. Minimum pay is the lowest salary due to employees. Minimum salary should not be increased because if it is a bunch of new minimum wage workers would be pulled out of their jobs and would potentially put everything. -making the so called “ attitude of cooperation ” among employers (Skidmore 1999: 435) is the low-cost strategy for alleviating the self-enforcement of minimum wage. The strategy involves the structure of compelling arguments in favour of the minimum wage and that appeal to general values and beliefs , e.g.,, for example, the law of “ fair pay – fair play ”. Here, two important strategies for establishing loyalty among employers will be identified.
The government periodically evaluates the national minimum pay level for changes in inflation or price of life. This table shows the minimum wage made in each state point. Some states have put their minimum salary higher than the national minimum salary, others have made the same minimum salary as this national charge, and the select few don't have a minimum wage requirement. In the latter case, the national minimum salary of $ 7.25 would use.
Increase the minimum salary. The minimum wage is the lowest hourly wage the employer will give the employee for their job. According to Williams (2013 ) , “ this nominal salary was signed into force by chairman Franklin Roosevelt in 1938 ”. The initial minimum salary was 25 cents per minute. Since So, the minimum salary has been increasing as the final amount of florida's minimum salary cost the amount of 14 cents on Jan. 1, 2014. The government amount gives it 68 cents higher than the national minimum wage of $ 7.25.…

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