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Published: 05-09-2019

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Music concert report

In the final couple of months, I attended two concerts for my music report. The very first concert was Maximus Musicus Visits the Orchestra which was held on 3 June 2018 at the Malaysian Philharmonic Orchestra(MPO). The second concert that I had attended was Harder Than This, the musical which was held on 8 July 2018 at KuAsh Theatre, TTDI KL. Each of these concerts had been stark in contrast. In entertainment value wise, one particular was exciting and the other a single was severe. Maximus Musicus Visits the Orchestra is enjoyable and entertaining, whereas the second musical which is Tougher Than This requires on a more critical and dark undertone. Maximus Musicus Visits the Orchestra (MMVTO) serves as an early introduction of the orchestra to the small youngsters. It is a exciting way for the little ones to discover the diverse musical instruments in the orchestra just like Maximus the mouse did. Most adults in the audience seemed to be obtaining a pretty very good time as well as they acted out some musical movements with each other with their children. In contrast, the musical, Harder Than This consist of largely teenagers and young adults for these performing on stage and the audience.

What tends to make this musical distinctive is that the performers themselves actually acted out their life story so it felt truly personal and genuine. The musical is really genuinely disturbing and haunting as it goes in dept about the topic on depression and suicide. I recognize that individuals who undergo depression require an outlet for them to express themselves and art is one particular of them. Art acts as an outlet for them to release their “demons” in them. This tends to make me realise how critical it is to be in a position to reach out to individuals suffering from depression. We can only aid them if they have the will to overcome their depression. People must be more conscious of how significant this health-related problem is. That is why we have organizers like Befrienders KL. Befrienders KL had collaborated with the musical, Harder Than This to display the dark side of what depression really is in the hopes to bring about awareness on the situation.

The classical concert I attended is Maximus Musicus Visits the Orchestra. The conductor was lead by Gene Chang and the storyline was narrated by Datuk Yasmin Yusuff. Datuk Yasmin Yusuf did a excellent job in narrating the story for Maximus the mouse. She is capable to engage and captivate the mainly young audience with her exciting expressions. It was genuinely fantastic to see the young little ones in the audience enjoyed it as a lot as I did. It felt as though I had been transported back in time. The story starts with a cold winter’s evening and Maximus Musicus, or Maxi for quick is searching for a warm spot to invest the evening in. Maxi, the mouse ends up sleeping inside a massive constructing, not understanding what he was about to stumble upon. His peaceful sleep was quickly interrupted by a loud noise. He would soon discover out that the loud noise was in fact the sound of the musical instruments Maxi had ended up in a concert hall! Right here, Maxi’s adventure begins as he discovers the distinct instruments being played as the orchestra was busy practicing for their functionality.

I had been to the Malaysian Philharmonic Orchestra with my loved ones numerous instances as a child but soon after a although, we stopped going. I forgot the reason as to why we stopped going. As a kid, I remembered the concert hall becoming huge. Everything appears massive to me then. Now after many years later, I was shocked when I saw the concert hall. I believed to myself that it was not as enormous as I think about it to be. It seems as though everything had shrunk in size. When I arrived inside the concert hall, there were excited chatters in the air. Every person was seeking forward for the concert to begin, specially the childrens. Everybody was in their ideal outfits on. They have been dressed in wise casual clothes, some thing that is in between not also casual and but not too formal. The Malaysian Philharmonic Orchestra are extremely strict with their dressing code. The dressing code stressed on no shorts, collerless T-shirts, singlets, sneakers, sports attires and slippers. Even so, college uniforms are permitted for the students. The performers on the other hand, looked very good in their attire. They had a colour theme of black. They looked basically dashing. After the concert began, the chatters died down. Absolutely everyone was respectful to the musician during their performance. People understand that it was fundamental etiquette to not talk even though the concert is ongoing so as not to distract other men and women watching the concert as nicely as the performers on stage.

This is my initial time watching a musical. I can say it wasn’t a bad experience at all for my very first. The concert hall was certainly smaller sized in size compared to the grand Malaysian Philharmonic Orchestra. Despite the fact that it was tiny, it felt far more individual as the seats have been so close to the stage. I sat in the second row so it was truly close to the performers performing on stage. The hall was dark as there were long, tall curtains surrounding it. There was no dress code for this concert. People have been free to dress even so they liked. The performers changed their clothing each and every now and then to appear the component for the various scenes. One more comparison amongst the two concerts are that the audience are much far more lesser for the musical as opposed to the orchestra.

In the classical concert, they played a total of eight pieces during the complete of the concert. The programme included, among other people pieces, such as Mozart’s energetic Abduction from The Seraglio, Beethoven’s iconic Fifth Symphony, and Rossini’s Finale from the play William Tell, which is almost certainly greatest identified as the theme for The Lone Ranger. The other pieces incorporated Ravel’s Bolero, Stravinsky’s The Firebird: Infernal Dance, Maxi’s Song composed by Olafsdottir, ‘Peer Gynt Suite No. 1, Op.46: 1. Morning Mood wrote by Grieg, and final but not least, Strauss’s Radetzky March.
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