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Published: 09-11-2019

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Important: This essay is not a finished work, it is only an outline that needs refinement and formatting.
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Music of the 1920's: ragtime, jazz and blues

Early 1920s ragtime music had a heavy influence on dance. In the late 1920’s jazz began to have a heavy influence. The massive music in the 1920’s was dance bands, Jazz, Blues, and Broadway. Some of the huge musicians in dance bands were Paul Whiteman, Nat, Shilkret, And so on. Some large men and women in jazz are Louis Armstrong, Duke Ellington, Jelly Roll Morton, And so on. Another big music genre was the blues there had been several folks that played the blues. Some of the major men and women that played the blues are Mamie Smith, Ma Rainey, Smith Lonnie Johnson, Blind Lemon Jefferson, And so on. The last music genre that I’m going to mention is Broadway. A couple of of the big folks in this genre are Eddie Cantor, Sophie Tucker, Fanny Brice, Helen Morgan, Etc. Dance bands started in the undergrounds and later expanded into the clubs.

Speakies (underground) started modest but then began to prime and presented music and dance. Jazz clubs, private clubs, dance clubs, and roadhouses provided music and dancing just like a speaker would. With all the most recent dance crazes and new music, absolutely everyone would collect in different areas to hang out and celebration. Dancing was a massive part of their pop culture. There had been several iconic dances that had been designed from these scenes. Almost every town had a spot to meet and dance which produced dance music so widely spread and well-liked in the 1920’s. Dance music was the beginning foundation of classic pop. There had been different classic pop moves, “The Black Bottom”, the “Shimmy”, the “Foxtrot”, the “Lindy Hop” and the “Charleston”. The most popular dance move out of those five was the Charleston, it was introduced in 1923. In the Broadway show “Runnin Wild” a song referred to as the Charleston was employed, The Charleston was practically the same style as ragtime music. There had been numerous distinct orchestras that played this variety of music, but several of the orchestras switched between various genres it depended on what was well-known at the time. This type of music also influenced the variety of style absolutely everyone wore, it triggered people to wear far more bagger garments. “Flapper” style dress for the females and males would put on much more casual sporty wear.

Another well-known music genre is Jazz. In the 1900’s jazz music was produced in New Orleans in black communities. With the mixture of African and European style, these styles produced up jazz music. It is a challenging style for it involves a number of diverse components of many distinct types. Jazz was a massive influence at this period in time. It determined what every person was wearing and the various dancing. Jazz was 1 of the 1st cultural music to be accepted by the American white middle class. Jazz scholars would usually separate “Jazz’ and “White Jazz”.

There was a big difference in the two, Jazz was the original African American artists. White jazz was a lot more popularized artists. Jazz was quite well-liked on the radio stations they had. This music playing on the radio help popularized white jazz, a massive white jazz player was Bix Beiderbecke. Several of the clubs would only permit white musicians in white clubs and black musicians in black clubs. One of the last genres of music I’m going to write about is the blues. The blues most probably originate from African Americans in the deep southern states. The songs that had been written had been mostly about the issues in the writer’s life or racial problems. The blues have been played in black communities and generally sung by black musicians. One particular of the biggest musicians of blues was Mamie Smith. She was 1 of the 1st recorded blues vocal performance. The song she wrote was hugely popular in the black communities, it was known as “Crazy Blues”. Yet another big musician in blues was Ma Rainey or “Mother of Blues”.

A lot of individuals thought she was bisexual or lesbian, she was a quite strong voice in the LGBTQ. There was one more artist that was named the “Empire of Blues” he name was Bessie Smith. She was one particular of the highest paid African American performers. The final genres I’m going to be telling you about is Broadway. I the late 1920’s the first full-length film was created. The subsequent factor to do soon after films were to make musicals. Musicals were originally from the New York region. Broadway was where a lot of musically talented people come and meet to make new pieces. Some of the large composers in Broadway are George and Ira Green, Cole Porter, and Irving Berlin. Some of the broadway films turned into musical films some examples are “Sally”, “Show Boat”, “Rio Rita”, And so forth. Some of the broadways shows merged in with the new jazz.
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