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Published: 03-11-2019

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Important: This essay is not a finished work, it is only an outline that needs refinement and formatting.
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My Experience as a Teacher

The reality that I could possibly influence a young person’s life is exciting to me. I do not want letter grades to be as essential as increasing qualities in a student. My main cause why I have decided to pursue this profession is because I really feel the strong need to positively influence and educate young children. I feel that a single of the significant satisfactions of becoming a teacher is to enrich a student’s life. This is a extremely profound and satisfying way to spend a day at work. I recognize that patience, understanding, compassion, and sensitivity are important to this profession, which I am wholeheartedly prepared to provide.

The capacity to discover is one particular of the most essential developments of humanity. My experiences as a tutor, soccer coach, and daycare educator have reinforced my need to be a teacher. I believe that my various academic and volunteer experiences as effectively as my general personality make me a qualified candidate for a profession in education. I know that the teaching profession is an ideal match for me.

My academic experiences, volunteer experiences as effectively as my expertise in the workforce have fostered a tremendous private drive, and have helped me to grow to be an independent, self-sufficient, and hardworking individual. I have worked part-time, with a full course load during every semester, and have maintained a B typical. My experiences have taught me a great deal of discipline and time management, which are important in the teaching profession. Balancing numerous activities with my college life, household, and social life has provided me with a lot of encounter with prioritization and has made me very effective. I am significantly concerned about my community, and really feel that as a teacher, I will be capable to give some thing back. In my third year as a Human Improvement student at California State East Bay, I had the opportunity of undergoing a full semester of field expertise as element of a pilot project. I was responsible for preparing and implementing stimulating lessons for a class with diverse wants.

Ultimately, due to this exceptionally helpful encounter, I have discovered many approaches and methods that will assist me grow as a teacher and in return advantage my students.

I have the capacity to adapt my teaching strategy in order to fit the needs of the learner. Dilemma solving is yet another talent that is critical to becoming a very good teacher. I have discovered via encounter that there is constantly far more than a single way to resolve a dilemma. If I can't resolve a issue making use of my personal sources, I will talk to other men and women in the field to get new tips, and seek advice from current study. I think that I possess insight and determination that I can provide to my students. I would be an asset to the school and in the end an asset to the profession. I believe that I will be able to assist all my students attain their optimal potential.

I would like to use my knowledge and expertise to develop and turn into a motivating teacher via your system. I want to be an enthusiastic, personable, and a inventive teacher for our children of the future.
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