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Published: 10-10-2019

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Important: This essay is not a finished work, it is only an outline that needs refinement and formatting.
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Narrative Methods of Observation

This is a way of observation early years workers use. Narrative strategies of observation are written approaches that will describe what a kid is undertaking or has accomplished, for instance, ‘ Sam is playing with constructing blocks’. He is utilizing 1 block at a time to create a tower’. Narrative observations can also be known as ‘free description’. They may record what a child is undertaking more than a couple of seconds or considerably longer. Photographs or film clips are occasionally used with a narrative observation. There are a lot of benefits of a narrative, for example:
  • It wants no preparation
  • It can be employed to observe all regions of developments
  • It can be utilized to observe much more than a single are of improvement at when

Nonetheless, there are also disadvantages such as:
  • It can be tough to create every thing down swiftly
  • The observer is probably to have to hold stopping, or to decide on what to focus on
  • It can be tough to record accurately and without having judgement

Checklist and Tick Chart:

This is an additional way to observe young children. The checklist and tick chart are quite comparable and are simple methods of assessing children’s abilities. A list of statements, such as, ‘Is in a position to put on coat’, ‘Is capable to use spoon to feed’, are prepared. The statement are usually primarily based on milestones for children’s development or outcomes from the early year’s curriculum. When the kid is showing the talent, the observer puts a tick or writes a note. The advantages of checklist and tick charts are:
  • They are straightforward to fill in and can be completed fairly quickly
  • They can be repeated to see if a kid has created progress
  • It keeps the observer focused on specific capabilities

The disadvantages are:
  • The observers could come to diverse conclusions about whether or not a child has mastered a ability
  • Does not show how speedily a child managed a activity or skill

The accuracy of info is extremely critical. It is essential that observations and assessments are kept up to date and are precise as choices about how ideal to assist a child will be primarily based on them. If a youngster is assessed as progressing well but are actually not, will not acquire the support they want, affecting them in their development and improvement. As effectively as this, if a kid is assessed as possessing issues, but they are not, then it could also influence their development and improvement and trigger them as effectively as families to become anxious. There are also troubles when inaccurate assessments are made as there is danger the young children will be provided activities that are not suitable for them which could influence them in a bad way and could stop them producing progress.
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