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Nike Issues Essay

Under Armour has seen the character in NBA MVP Stephen Curry. Though sales of dish's shoes take zero on nike's, they are rising quickly, and Under protection CEO Kevin board has repeatedly recognized the degree to which Curry gets contributed to the company's growth. Analysts have gone up to now to forecast that Curry would be valuable as such as $ 14 billion to Under protection.
Some organizations claimed that Nike is exploiting the working conditions at these supplier industries. As the conclusion Nike has taken severe measures to decrease the factory conditions in its supplier industries. It is more costly for Nike to observe all these working conditions at its mills. Then Nike put all its supplier manufactures to change these standards and they warned that the contract would be stopped if they fail to comply with the labor laws. But these providers claim that they have to decrease the profit margins in order to change the criteria which they expected Nike to carry.
The essay will critically assess nike’s new global strategy and help to determine nike’s new strengths, weaknesses, opportunity and threats. The essay would also consider the political, legal and social issues which Nike will encounter while applying any strategies in foreign markets. This strategy can also take the threats of entering into the new market and provision of adequate funds and labor in terms of using This strategy.

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