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Oliver Twist Villain Essay

Bill Sikes epitomises the ultimate result of the brutalising world. From his first entry, the audience has the instant negative conception of this role, as the first thing that Sikes tells is simply referred to by Dickens as “ the deep voice ” that “ growled ”, an immediate dehumanisation of the character, Initially relating him to a pretty animal. But after does Dickens make Sikes a delayed, apparently reluctant presentation, describing him as one, “ one stoutly- built fellow ” dressed in “ the dark velveteen hair, very soiled drab breeches ” with “ two scowling eyes ”, Which far brings to this mysteriousness that is Sikes, with his clothes being dark and grimy, foreshadowing his sinister world through his picture. By the clothes he wears, the intense word he conveys often, Dickens gives audiences the clear reason that Sikes is a poor class national, such as “ the beard of three days growth ” shows his deprived nature.
Oliver Twist was published in 1838 by Charles Dickens; his time and one of his most renowned novels he always published at his life. It was about the young orphan man named Oliver Twist, who turns into part of the pick pocketing crime mob under crime bosses Fagin and Bill Sikes. Bill Sikes is told by some to be the stereotypical vision of the character. The character is someone who is brutal or spiteful and is dedicated to bad. Sikes does amount to this explanation, yet in some points in the history he conveys sympathy and compassion towards Nancy, which would influence the conclusion as to whether Sikes is a villain.
Oliver Twist, which was printed at 1838, constitutes one of these most adapted novels ever. Interestingly, the early writing did not have the orphaned character Oliver Twist himself. Instead, it focused on the character, the evil neighborhood thief Bill Sikes, who murders his friend Nancy for thwarting the kidnapping attack on Oliver.

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