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Published: 08-12-2019

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Personal Writing: A Paper about the Special Person in My Life

Her name is Marie and she is my mother. Marie is a very warm and caring soul. She is always there for her loved ones, freely giving us adore and support. She bore six youngsters but when I came along she willingly embraced me as her own and I became quantity seven. I am her very first grandchild, she has cared for me from birth, and this is why I get in touch with her Mom.

Marie was born in the thirty’s to really poor and uneducated parents. Other children produced exciting of her as a youngster since of the garments she wore and the work her parents did following the harvests and picking fruit. Mom stated men and women labeled them “Dust bowl Okie’s”, “Fruit Tramps”, and “poor white trash.” She still remembers the pain. She vowed that would never occur to her youngsters! She wanted them to have all the benefits she never had and this wish became the driving force in her life.

Marie was married at 15 but the marriage did not function out. She had unknowingly married a extremely troubled man, and for the safety and nicely-getting of her family, she was forced to end the marriage, and face the planet alone with her tiny brethren. This was in 1961 and she was 27 years old. The planet was a various location in 1961. These have been not effortless occasions for women, particularly ones with six young children to assistance. Mom in no way seemed to recognize this. She often mentioned, “It’s a very good point no one told me I couldn’t do this or I might have got discouraged.” She got her very first job and went to work determined to care for her household. It was the beginning of a lifetime of self-sacrifice and difficult operate. At times she had to function two jobs, to pay for school clothing or dental operate, but she often stated, “It was no big deal, I just did what I had to”. Did I mention she was humble and unselfish? I never heard her say “why me?” Instead she would say “Life’s fair it breaks everyone’s heart.” She worked challenging and created her dream come true.

She bought a residence, raised her household and when I was born in 1967 I became part of the loved ones and was loved and cared for by them all.

Mom worked at the Airport by then and she had fantastic flight rewards. This permitted her to actually, “give the planet to her kids.” We have been capable to travel all more than the globe and do issues that she had in no way had the opportunity to do as a child. This was really important to Mom and sharing this with us was a excellent joy to her.

4 of her six youngsters had been girls. When they had decided to marry, she insisted on providing them with the wedding that they dreamed of having and happily threw her-self into the preparations. Getting in a position to make this a particular time was really important to her. Nonetheless, it was not just about factors, Mom was also concerned about our spiritual demands. We discovered how to function. She taught us values, respect, and honesty. She had a property bible study with all of us and encouraged us to apply these principles in our lives.

She wanted us to be sort, providing people.

Mom has so a lot of great traits, but the one particular that I find to be the most outstanding is how unselfish she is. In the planet that we live in we are surrounded by selfishness, you see it all about you. I have never noticed this in her.

Marie has retired from her job. She believed that this would be her time to travel and do the items that she would want to do and have some time for her. But this is not the case. As an alternative, Mom chose to move to Salem to care for her mother who is 97 years old and permit her to remain in her residence. Her worth for her family and the duty she feels has shined once more. I have so a lot enjoy and respect for her and I wanted you to know what a special person she is. The most Special Person I know.
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