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Published: 14-12-2019

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Important: This essay is not a finished work, it is only an outline that needs refinement and formatting.
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Plate Tectonics Theory

The Earth had formed more than four.five billion years from now and considering that then, we are nonetheless seeing modifications. We are seeing volcanoes erupting and earthquakes shaking the earth’s surface causing massive destruction, the causes is due to plate tectonics. The plate tectonic theory is the theory of the Earth’s outer shell is divided into many plates that glide more than the mantle.

There are 3 pieces of evidence that aid help the theory of plate tectonics, Shape of Continents, Areas of mountains and fossils, and earthquakes and volcanoes.

The plate tectonics theory was started by Alfred Wegener, a brilliant geophysicist and meteorologist. At first, there was no a single who believed the theory of plate tectonics was true until right after Alfred Wegener died. We have proof to assistance the theory of plate tectonics is correct, such as shape of continents. The shape of continents is essentially saying the continents doesn’t truly fit with each other and has movements, the cause for this is due to the fact of plate tectonics. The shape of continents has several supporting particulars as nicely as the continents had been as soon as all with each other and was referred to as a supercontinent, but clearly the continents are not collectively this present day, so apart from the theory of plate tectonics, what other explanation is there of how our continents aren’t in the form that it is.

Also, Location of mountains and fossils. The Places of mountains and fossils supports the theory that the earth’s continents were when a supercontinent. The places of mountains and fossils show how that if you have been to place the continents with each other, that the mountain ranges, fossils and rocks would all match up. So what other purpose for this other than the theory of plates tectonics. And Earthquakes and volcanoes, are brought on by plate tectonics. Earthquakes In conclusion, the theory of plate tectonics is a quite excellent explanation for why the continents are not intact as they when were billions of years ago. And how the areas of mountains, rocks, and fossils all match if had been to put together the continents into supercontinental form. As nicely as shape of continents show that many key continents can match together and show that there was as soon as a supercontinent. And as nicely, how Earthquakes and volcanoes are lead to, volcanoes have to deal with plate tectonics since all of the active volcanoes found are on plate tectonic boundaries. And all earthquakes that’s been recorded has happened on plate tectonic boundary. This evidence all assistance and point to the truth of how the Theory of Plate tectonics is accurate.
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