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Poetic Architecture Essay

We sleep in this built world, where lots of buildings are constructed, from the tallest structure in the world to the smaller homes, its keep increasing, and continue constructing. But equals there any view that we will take from it? Or are they only such the structure for us at our living world? Very much we as the living person is easy to get used with these things in us, we do not actually get any care or care to the surrounding, Most of this moment we precept it as matters that said to be there. Jun Ichiro Tanizaki tells that we as the human, it is our person world that each one of us have the basic and essential necessity of home, it is not only the interaction between human with human, But also being with this area where we belongs. It has forced our cause activity to be desperate of inhabiting activity to be able to act and meet our basic needs.


Bachelard was a French philosopher who rose to some of the most prestigious positions in the French academy, his work on poetics and the philosophy of science influencing all disciplines of the humanities (art, architecture, literature, poetics, psychology, philosophy and language.) In addition to The psychoanalysis of fire (written in 1938), he wrote The poetics of fire (The poetics of the phoenix) and The flame of a candle. 30


"Expression of people thought, emotion, feelings, and identity" Anthoniades, Anthony C., Poetic of Architecture, Poetic is an expression of people thoughts, emotions, feelings, and identity where people explained it in the poetry way, with simple messages but contain intense way of thinking, said John Pawson. Sometimes poetry can have an ambiguous definition


The first writer to discuss poetic diction in the Western tradition was Aristotle (384 BC—322 BC). In his Poetics, he stated that the perfect style for writing poetry was one that was clear without meanness. He went on to define meanness of style as the deliberate avoidance of unusual words. He also warned against over-reliance on strange words:


Poetics is that moment in architecture when elements yield more than the sum of their parts. But what does this really mean? What is it that gets “yielded”? It could be, perhaps, the way architecture is able to “touch” its occupants on deeper emotional or spiritual levels. It could also be the way architecture can convey beauty together with meaning that leaves one feeling more fulfilled.


But the question remains: Why is human emotion an important factor for you to consider as you design your architecture? For starters, reaching for an emotional response in occupants can help your architecture achieve a higher level of poetics. You see, when your architecture can connect emotionally with its occupants, its message and its meaning can be felt more deeply — thus, more readily leaving a lasting impression.

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