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Published: 21-09-2019

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Important: This essay is not a finished work, it is only an outline that needs refinement and formatting.
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Reaction to Leonardo DiCaprio’s Before the Flood


Ahead of the Flood is a National Geographic film starring Oscar-winning actor Leonardo DiCaprio, who travels by means of different nations to meet with scientists and leaders in order to go over the harm completed by and future dangers of climate modify. The movie begins when DiCaprio was appointed to be the Messenger of Peace at a United Nations conference. As could have been anticipated, this triggered an uproar from deniers of climate modify, as they saw his appointment as an opportunity to convert supporters of the phenomenon. DiCaprio was noticed as a figure who had little to no encounter in environmental science, and deniers produced this publicly apparent to portray climate alter as even far more of a joke and a hoax.

Quickly soon after this happened, the actor and newly born environmentalist started his journey about the world to additional his information of the worldwide be concerned. On his expedition, he came face to face with the destruction and devastation climate adjust has already caused by interviewing folks who are knowledgeable in the field and have to deal with the concerns each day. Throughout his travels, he discovered an abundance of new information that he located to be appalling. Ahead of the Flood captures DiCaprio’s worry for what is to come for the world’s future, and leaves viewers feeling the exact same way.


Personally, I discovered a lot of elements of this film to be completely shocking, and not in a good way. Within the beginning of the film, government officials who vehemently deny that climate adjust is a true issue facing our society right now are shown. Numerous of these sturdy influences may possibly have been swayed from the recognized truth when fuel firms, who play a main component in causing climate adjust, paid them millions of dollars to speak in their defense (Ahead of the Flood). I located this to be absolutely disgusting since people who have it in their power to adjust our environment’s destiny for disaster will not make the adjust, simply simply because the ones causing the problem are paying them to preserve their mouths shut. I am positive I am not the only one who believes that cash is not as crucial as our world’s future, but clearly these people’s beliefs have been corrupted. The fact that these things take place in government made me no longer believe that we, the citizens of the United States, have elected the correct people to such powerful positions in our nation.

One more component of the film that I identified to be terrible was the truth that Greenland itself is actually slowly melting away, and might be fully destroyed for future generations. Think it or not, the harm carried out by the melting of the ice caps will have an even bigger effect than just the country’s absence. According to Pat Brennan at NASA, “The result [of this] could be…an expected acceleration of international sea level, long predicted by pc models of Earth’s climate” (Brennan, 2017, three). Due to the fact of the key mass of the ice caps, so a lot water will be released when they melt, sea levels are anticipated to rise substantially. For me, the reality that the country has currently begun to melt away is enough to prove the harsh reality of climate alter, but evidently several government officials do not feel the identical way.

A final aspect of the film that I thought was really depressing was the reality that a lot of companies are insisting on the usage of palm oil in their goods, merely since of how low cost it is to grow and harvest. Organizations such as Tyson, Pepsico, and Kraft Heinz all consider palm oil to be a appropriate crop for their requirements (Ahead of the Flood). Nonetheless, this crop demands a substantial quantity of land, which leads to deforestation. In the particular region shown in the film that is becoming used for the development of this crop, forests were being completely burned down to the ground. Because trees hold in carbon from our atmosphere, burning them releases carbon molecules back into the air, which is damaging to wildlife and the environment. 1 of the specific forests pictured occurs to be house to a lot of species of animals, such as elephants, orangutans, rhinos, and tigers. This is the last location on earth that has all four of these creatures living together in 1 place (Just before the Flood). All of these animals becoming killed at one particular time due to selfish organizations who contribute to climate alter simply to make a larger profit make me angry because the query is raised: Why do they not care adequate about our planet and the creatures that reside in it to select a different strategy of acquiring their supplies? I can't feel of a very good enough reason to continue with this behavior, as it makes the human race the accurate cause of the devastating effects of climate alter.

All round, there had been not a lot, if any at all, elements of this film that I discovered to be optimistic. We, as human beings, are acting as though this globe is completely ours, which it is not. This conduct tends to make me irate because the United States government has every thing inside their energy to turn the effects of the devastation triggered by climate change around, and but they select to permit it to escalate.

Discussion of Significance

Even though Ahead of the Flood might look simple and factual, there are deeper

meanings and controversies surrounding a lot of aspects of this film. For instance, government officials accepting funds from firms that play a main part in causing climate alter in order to call the phenomenon a hoax says that they care far more about cash than about our environment and our health. A wider implication of the melting of Greenland is that many other countries that lie close to the ocean will eventually be affected by the rising sea levels due to the fact parts of them will be

flooded and others will be completely lost. Far more which means to consider while learning about the killings of elephants, orangutans, rhinos, and tigers in forest fires is that these species could eventually grow to be extinct if palm oil consumption continues at the rate it is presently at.

Nonetheless, these details and implications are surrounded by controversy, as numerous individuals question no matter whether or not humans alone could create such a disaster. Personally, I think that the answer to this common query is yes simply because we, as humans, develop several man-created goods and dispose of garbage irresponsibly, which in turn make and release several harmful factors into the atmosphere. Also, some citizens have enough trust in our nation’s government to trust their word, a lot of which are not in favor of supporting assisting the troubles of climate change, which they “believe” is not genuine, even even though it is backed up by years of scientific evidence.
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