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Published: 26-09-2019

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Important: This essay is not a finished work, it is only an outline that needs refinement and formatting.
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Reflective paper on nursing

Nursing is an exciting profession, but with the levels of interest, there is still a sheer level of challenges that are encountered in the nursing environment. Therefore, by writing a reflective practice essay, I would determine the strategies that are applicable and variable to be applied when challenges are encountered as I modify from the trained nurse to a Graduate nurse. These are the techniques that are essential when it comes to self-management in a nursing atmosphere. Further, although building these approaches for discussion, the focus will also be diverted to the indication and use of private experience in placements. A literature review as supporting proof will also be utilized.

While undertaking a nursing program as a first-year student, there have been challenges in self-management which had been encountered. A common very first-year nurse is faced with the issue of worry which comes due to the changing scenarios from a theoretical understanding of the concepts of practical experiences and implementation of the academic understanding. As graduate nurses face these challenges, healthcare institutions and nursing coaching schools have an ultimate aim which is to make sure that all healthcare experts achieve the self-medication ambitions (Levett-Jones, T, 2013., p 36). Self-medication management goal is focused and elevated from standard four of the Australian Commission that deals with Security and Top quality in Well being Care. While on placement at the Common Hospital In Alabama, there have been fears that I created which include possessing a shadow of a doubt that at any given time although in practice, I will make the administration errors. The explanation why I had the concern is that the medical errors that are produced by Graduate nurses are normally linked with the conclusion that the graduate nurse has an inadequate training in nursing and also that the nurse lacks an expertise in clinical matters (Levett-Jones, T, 2013., 95). Graduate nurses who make medical errors are frequently treated as a concern as medical errors can be extreme to the point that it leads to the death of sufferers in the organization. Graduate nurses also who make medical errors are subjected to a disciplinary action, and in some instances, they are generally deregistered. These are the reasons as to why I had worry when placed in the hospital as a graduate nurse.

Challenges in medical and medication supervision

One more challenge noted consist of the un supervision in medication in the course of the time that I was placed as a graduate nurse. A new nurse who has just graduated from the nursing college demands to be educated and guided to ensure that the nurse fits appropriately in the new atmosphere and learns the ropes that are to be scaled up the ladder (Levett-Jones, T & Brourgeois, S, 2011., p 77). The reason for the want to have guidance is due to the fact a new graduate nurse is usually faced with challenges and feelings of lack of a self-self-confidence and in intense instances confusion when the organization culture is diverse. Supervision typically requires location when the nurse is nonetheless undertaking his or her research, but when they graduate to a graduate nurse, supervision is not available. The new graduate nurse will often really feel isolated and low self-esteem as there is no guideline with regards to a supervisor who will advise the nurse to either conduct the medication or alter the medication (Ott, J, & Ross, C. 2014., p. 74). Moreover, what normally requires place is a series of health-related errors that the graduate nurse is prone to make. These errors are simply because the nurse is stressed and has anxiety levels which hinder him or her from performing active duties according to the theoretical instruction and abilities impacted.

Difficulties in the pharmaceutical understanding

One more identified challenge that I encountered and also which a majority of graduate nurses usually encounter consist of the lack of a pharmaceutical understanding. In the university, nurses are educated on pharmacy expertise, but the linkage of the expertise with diagnosis generally take place at the time when the nurse is placed as a graduate nurse (Levett-Jones, T, 2013., p 40). As a result, the conduction of evidence-primarily based research and the availability of proof-primarily based practices have restricted nursing profession by the graduate nurses. Proper placement can enable the linkage of pharmaceutical information to diagnosis which will help in boosting the clinical knowledge of the graduate nurse.

Improvement approaches to tackle these identified challenges

Adherence to the policies and procedures

The techniques to use consist of the adherence to the nursing policies and procedures that are in line with the placement practice. The technique assists in the achievement of a safe medication management system. Hence, when these policies are communicated to the graduate nurse, it will be easy for the individual to know the location of devices in the organization and also guarantee that all these procedures are correctly followed. The graduate nurse who ha these understandings will be capable to make correct delivery and protected medication management. Policies will also define a correct method to adhere to by the graduate nurse (Levett-Jones, T & Brourgeois, S, 2011. p 85). These methods consist of the method exactly where the graduate nurses will seek clarification when they are faced with challenges particularly issues to do with unknown medications. Monthly Index of Health-related Specialities must also be applied as portion of the approaches that must be followed. The importance of MIMS is that they supply proper descriptions in specifics where the nurses will be able to realize contradictions that may well arise when a distinct medication is administered and also find out on the side effects that may originate from these medicines.

Use of technologies

Implementation of technologies in the nursing atmosphere will also help with the mitigation of healthcare errors that graduate nurses are prone to make. Technologies plays a essential part in healthcare organizations. Among these roles incorporate the improvement of efficiency in the workplace atmosphere and ease of nurses working duties (Ostini, F, & Bonner, A. 2012., p 102). For that reason, when graduate nurses are trained on how to use different kinds of technologies, they will gain skills that they can be depended on to minimize the stress specifically on medication which may possibly also lead to health-related errors. Additional, technologies is stated to be useful to the point that it has a chance of promoting self-governance amongst the trained graduate nurse and it will enhance the expert development. Technologies can also aid the graduate nurse to be in a position to make a comparison and conduct monitoring and evaluation. Monitoring and evaluation technologies will help in decision producing which minimizes medical errors that nurses can cause. By means of these systems, it will be simpler for the graduate nurse to be capable to understand on the progress of the patient and exactly where there are challenges (Unver, V, Tastan, S, & Akbayrak, N. 2012., p 55), approaches will be created and implemented swiftly. Additional, technologies can aid a graduate nurse to be able to check on the patient identification which is against the procedures which encompass medication rights and administration. By way of these approaches, there will be an achievement of the health care and customer security in healthcare organizations.

Improvement of appropriate plans and prioritization

Yet another technique to overcome these challenges is for the healthcare institution to develop suitable plans and conduct prioritization on the graduate nurses. Prioritization will lead to the suitable care and guidance of graduate nurses to enable for a smooth transition among instruction theoretically as a nurse placement as a graduate nurse in a wellness care institution or a hospital. In prioritization, I chosen it as a strategy as the managers and supervisors in these institutions will be present to offer suggestions and directions to the graduate nurses regarding what they are required to do and how they can be in a position to settle as new nurses (Ostini, F, & Bonner, A. 2012., p 47). Additional, I chosen the strategy because it is simple for the organizations to delegate duties to the nurses according to their capabilities. A nurse will be in a position to handle duties according to their capabilities which will also decrease stress levels and medical errors that may possibly arise in the organizations.

In conclusions, it must be identified that distinct methods are identified and chosen as an choice in the nursing organization. These techniques aid the organization and a graduate nurse not only to overcome challenges that he or she faces as a graduate nurse but also it enables for the nurses to settle appropriately in the new placement environments. Think about the blunders of fear and medical errors exactly where a graduate nurse who has been placed in a new healthcare organization is capable of and prone to making. These challenges are detrimental, and there are strategies that an organization can implement and use to make confident that they address these challenges. As noted above, the techniques contain the establishment of placement programs where the graduate nurses will be prioritized and supervised until the time when they are protected and can conduct management care with out creating any health-related errors. In addition, there is also a recommendation that there is a need to have to implement the technology. Technology aids in the minimizing health-related errors and enabling the nurses to boost their efficiency specially graduate nurses. In these reflective essay, these strategies need to have to be implemented. It will produce good impacts to the graduate nurse, the nursing organization and also individuals who seek health-related services from these institutions.
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