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Published: 04-09-2019

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Important: This essay is not a finished work, it is only an outline that needs refinement and formatting.
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Review of the Speech Essay, “The Menace of Mass Destruction”, By Albert Einstein

Rhetorical analysis – ‘The Menace of Mass Destruction speech.’

In his speech, “The Menace of Mass Destruction,” Albert Einstein warns the world about a threatening situation that is developed by humankind. Albert Einstein was German philosopher born in 1879 and died in 1955. Albert created the theory of relativity and had significantly influenced the field of science by means of his philosophy of science. The Menace of Mass Destruction was a message dedicated to the whole planet on the want to take precaution. The emergence of nuclear weapons and spreading of communism stood out to be planet threat exactly where the philosopher foresees future conflicts. Albert Einstein emphasis on the want for cooperation and peaceful planet. Otherwise, the consequences will be the menace (Einstein 2).

In his speech – Menace of Mass Destruction, Albert Einstein stands out as a peaceful scientist. He rebukes the testing of nuclear weapons and atomic bombing and quotes them as a threat to international peace. This philosopher associates the menace of mass destruction to human activities “It would be distinct if the issue were not one of the things created by man, such as the atomic bomb and other signifies of mass destruction equally menacing all peoples” (Einstein 1). The speaker shows very good will by advocating for peace and togetherness. In the speech, Albert recommends on numerous approaches that can be employed to boost peace and eliminate the threat to international security.

Albert Einstein believes that the current human activities influence their lives and that of the generations to come. Albert says, ‘We scientists believe that what our fellow men and we do or fail to do within the subsequent couple of years will determine the fate of our civilization.’ The current activities will decide the life soon after tomorrow, “But on that stage, on which the actors beneath the floodlights play their ordained components, our fate of tomorrow, life or death of the nations, is being decided,” says Albert (Einstein two). Though the nations and men and women are separated with every acting independently, the menace will equally befall to all. This circumstance calls for the need to have to come together and perform as a team to come up with solutions to the danger of mass destruction.

In the speech, Albert Einstein categorizes the limited get in touch with among the opposing groups as the significant factor undermining unity and togetherness. Circumstances have created it not possible for parties to come collectively for informed discussions. Passion, fear, and anxiety have designed hatred, widening the gap in between groups. The get in touch with amongst nationalities is limited to official negotiations. The speaker lists exaggerated nationalism as the substantial factor that has confused sound minded individuals to forced-separation. There has to be a hyperlink to discussions in between the opposing groups to come up with a peaceful agreement towards international peace and security (Einstein 3).

In conclusion, the speaker provides some up to the menace of mass destruction. Amongst the separated groups are enough people with sense, who can make sound judgments. Some small hyperlink between the teams will form the basis of a peaceful nation. There should also be a mutual advantage amongst the conflict groups to bridge the hatred with unity. Albert Einstein raises the alarm to official negotiations. Every individual and nation must embrace this. Upon profitable negotiations, the speaker gives firm assurance of sustainable atmosphere, financial justice, and equal rights and peace to the complete world.
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