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Published: 18-09-2019

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Important: This essay is not a finished work, it is only an outline that needs refinement and formatting.
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Rhetorical analysis essay about Barack Obama’s “A More Perfect Union”

From 16th century when North America was colonized by French and British through the history of The United States there has been a a variety of instance of colonialism and racism and mass killing of the North American natives. Up to now, there is discrimination of the folks due to their skin color or due to people’s cultural background variations dominated by the lineage of the white colonists. In 1787, there was the signing of the “The United States Constitution” document and this according to Obama, (2008) “launched America’s improbable experiment in democracy.” Man in the name of Barack Hussein Obama, in 18th March 2008 when he was Illinois’s African-American senator, presented a speech which was named “A More Best Union.” Through the use of valid historical and social argument, showing powerful emotions and different personal experiences that related to the persons who had been familiar with the prejudicing of racial and the social challenges in the U.S in the speech, Obama attracted great focus of the media. His speech, Obama presented his justification and argument which was centered to upcoming election of a president that was primarily based on historical problems, education ethnic challenges and existing economic in the United States. It was observed as a matter that could drop his level in the presidential candidate giving Jeremiah Wright great support when the situation he presented talked about how the African American is going through numerous challenges in the society. To influence his audience, Obama used Aristotle’s rhetorical principles of pathos, ethos, and logos to present the social difficulties (Kristin, week 43). By way of combining of most recognized influential and persuasion strategies of rhetorical which were written by Aristotle’s himself, and affirming and re-contextualize substantial social challenges the Barack Obama’s speech became successful.


The speech of the Obama is opening with a quote stating “We the people, in order to type a a lot more excellent union.” This point he captures the trust and consideration of his folks by asserting himself in the same level as the audience with no putting himself under or above them. By showing that forming a excellent union is not that possible, but a more best one particular, Obama present his point of view on the ongoing thought of the constitution. Obama indicates that this is the time of becoming realistic by presenting a vital view of the creation of perfect union tips. By this, we recognize the use of arguments and rhetorical development in the Obama’s speech. He continues by approaching the racial troubles that nevertheless has an enormous effect on the modern day life of the African-Americans.

In 1787, numerous white leaders did the very first signing of the constitution document and then was stained by the nations slave history. In the course of that era, the United States was divided by two, north and south, centered on distinct values, which later resulted to 1865 civil war. It was not till the late 1860s when the nation’s law abolished the slavery. Nevertheless, the powerful racism against the persons differing in the background or a lot more precise their skin colour could be ended, and miserably the act goes on up-to-date.

In his speech, Obama says that “Understanding this reality demands a reminder of how we arrived at this point. As William Faulkner as soon as wrote, ‘The past isn’t dead and buried. In fact, it isn’t even previous.’” He talks about the “Jim Crow laws” that have been developed in the 1890s to splits the black men and women from the white individuals. A new chapter which debated about the racial in the United States began right after this law formed the term “separate but equal” (Jim Crow laws). These laws were put in location till 1965 and in his speech, Obama said that the traditions and marks of these laws are nonetheless seen becoming practice in different schools in the U.S at present. In this form, Obama uses the historical events and he connects them with current values. This act as a reminder to the nation on the sturdy racial history as a result capturing the audiences’ point of view and feelings of the country’s racial evolution.

Based on his personal story and proficiencies, Barack Obama reveals how it is possible to obtain the American dream. Obama seems quite patriotic and confidence I the way he speaks to his audience and what he shares with them. He says that “I will by no means overlook that in no other country on earth is my story even achievable.” The society of American is extremely patriotic. As a result, for Obama to catch the emotions and trust of the aged portion of the population, making use of these patriotic references is quite considerable. A massive quantity of the United States men and women shows their trust in Barack Obama. This is because he makes use of the examples that could attract the large portion of the diverse cultural and the aged component of the U.S population. In this element, Obama utilizes Aristotle`s logos, ethos and pathos really well.

The conclusion which essential is primarily based combination of outcome evaluation of the literary methods of the Obama, his re-contextualization usage, and Aristotle’s rhetorical ideas of pathos ethos and logos. As a result, he makes it stimulating to confirm if “A far more best union” convinced the audience voting for Barack Obama himself, or voting for Obama due to how he presented his speech and the thought of making a much more perfect union, or the both of them.
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