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Published: 24-11-2019

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Important: This essay is not a finished work, it is only an outline that needs refinement and formatting.
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Rough Draft for the Industrial Revolution essay

The American Industrial Revolution is recognized right now as a monumental time in United States history. The American Industrial Revolution was a time era in the eighteenth to the nineteenth century where the United States changed the way they produced cash and invented new machines to assist them maximize their income. This time period made the United States 1 of the richest nations in the world. It increased the number of factories in the North which allowed them to make distinct products they could ship. For the South, the cotton industry was booming more than ever. The American Industrial Revolution greatly improved the United States economy.

The American Industrial Revolution all started by 1 man, Samuel Slater. The industrial revolution in Fantastic Britain currently started by 1760. In 1790, Samuel Slater noticed space for industrialization in America, so he left Wonderful Britain and settled in Massachusetts with all of his concepts. He constructed the 1st industrial mill in America in 1790. This sparked a wildfire of factories becoming constructed all over the United States. According to, “The start off of the American Industrial Revolution is often attributed to Samuel Slater who opened the initial industrial mill in the United States in 1790 with a design that borrowed heavily from a British model. Slater’s pirated technologies tremendously improved the speed with which cotton thread could be spun into yarn.” This quote shows that the begin of the Industrial Revolution is heavily affiliated with Samuel Slater. He is even occasionally referred to as “the father of the American Industrial Revolution”. Samuel Slater was the major cause of the American Industrial Revolution.The American Industrial Revolution had a important effect on America’s economy.

Although the effects of the Industrial Revolution had been all beneficial to the United States, these impacts were different for the Southern states and Northern states. For the Northern states, it improved the quantity of factories and textile production. According to the map summary, “The North’s economy was based on manufacturing and commerce, with a lot more than 5 times as several factories as in the South. Some of these factories developed textiles, like cotton fabric and yarn.” From this quote, one particular can conclude that the quantity of factories in the North grew greatly over the course of the Industrial Revolution. This enhanced the North’s economy simply because they were capable to sell the textiles to other nations and the South for much more than they made them, which allowed them to make nice earnings. Also, the new invention of the railroads permitted them to ship the goods they create more rapidly and far more efficiently.

The North’s economy significantly benefited from the American Industrial Revolution.As the North’s economy skyrocketed, so did the South’s. The Industrial Revolution for the South enhanced the production of cotton as properly as the number and size of plantations. It produced it a lot less complicated and more quickly to make and sell cotton by inventions like steamboats and the cotton gin. In the South, cotton was currently a massive sector, but after the Industrial Revolution, the cotton industry was transformed. According to, “Annual cotton production in the nation rose from four thousand bales in 1790 to much more than a million bales by 1840. By the 1840s-cotton accounted for a single-half of American exports, and the United States made 60 % of the world supply.” Clearly, the South had a monopoly on cotton following the Industrial Revolution, even so, that it was known as “the cotton kingdom.” The revolutionization of the South’s cotton industry allowed them to sell cotton to other nations and the North for fortunes of money, which boosted their economy.

As one particular can see, the American Industrial Revolution was a extremely very good time for the Southern States. The American Industrial Revolution fully revolutionized the United States. Thanks to Samuel Slater bringing the ideas from Britain to America, our economy grew significantly. The industrial revolution permitted the Northern States to begin altering their revenue sources to factories that produce textiles as an alternative of farming crops. It allowed the South to create tons of a lot more of cotton with inventions like the cotton gin. The American Industrial Revolution shaped America into what it is nowadays.
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