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Published: 18-12-2019

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Important: This essay is not a finished work, it is only an outline that needs refinement and formatting.
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Self-Reflection and Maturity in the Transformation of Celie in The Color Purple, a Novel by Alice Walker

The Colour Purple, by Alice Walker tells a story of a young girl named Celie. The book is formatted as an journal so that daily experiences can be shared by way of the voice of Celie. In the beginning, readers find out that she lives in a life of recurring hardship, confusion, and turmoil. Readers also discover that she is insecure, but hopeful in obtaining a way to get through these hardships. Nevertheless at the finish of the novel, readers see a transformation that a single would get in touch with inspiring. Some would say that what created her through this transformation is self reflection and maturity. Nevertheless, from what readers can see it was since of the expanding relationships with Nettie, Mr__, and Shug. Due to them, Celie is able to have a sense of dependency with her sister, forgive the individuals that hurted her, and to really like a person else and herself.

In these entries of her journal, readers can see a shift from speaking about Nettie to God to exactly where she actually has conversations with Nettie and they discuss several items as they create to every single other. Even so the most compelling factor about some of these conversations, is that readers see how Celie has turn into a lot more attached and much more dependent on Nettie. . For example, in the ending of one of her entries she writes “ Pray for me, Your Sister Celie”, it shows that she looks for Nettie’s guidance as she is facing an adversity, similarity when she was looking guidance from God ( Walker three). This shift also shows that Celie who she thought needed to safeguard her sister from adversity , has realized that she can not be robust all the time and can now look for protection in her sister because Nettie ended up getting her strength.

Also in these entries, readers discover about what Mr____. feels about Celie. He explains to Celie, “ I wanted to kill you, mentioned Mr___ and I did slap you around a couple of occasions. I by no means understood how you and Shug got along so properly with each other and it bothered the hell out of me. When she was imply and nasty to you, I understood. But when I looked about and the two of you was constantly performing every single other’s hair, I start off to worry..” ( Walker ten). This quotation provides light to Mr______ and the his issues of acceptance toward Celie not meeting up to his expectations of her. Due to this conversation, readers see that Celie and Mr___ are similar in where they have troubles of acceptance. In Celie learning about this, she has exclaimed that she does not hate him simply because by saying that discussion, this has produced him into someone who she describes as “ when you talk to him now he actually listen” ( Walker 7). Consequently, this discussion with Mr___, it has enable her to later to forgive Mr___ and anybody else that has harmed her.

In the beginning, readers learn that Celie finds a picture of Shug Avery and she makes the objective to be as stunning as she is and finds herself embodying her in her marriage to Mr___. As she is a lot older now, readers commence to see that Shug is with her and they a robust bond to every other. In this quote “ What I adore very best bout Shug is what she been via, I say. When you appear in Shug’s eyes you know she been exactly where she been, noticed what she observed, did what she did. And now she know.” it shows that this relationship is embedded in understanding each other individuals struggle and coming back from it with a new pair of lenses. Due to this, sees Shug as an strong, independent lady that she would like herself to be. This bond later taught Celie how to really like somebody else and potentially herself. In this quote “ My job just to love her good and accurate myself….I have enjoy and I have been adore and I thank God let me gain understanding enough to really like cannot be halted just trigger some people’s moan and groan….I have really like Shug Avery all my life ” it sheds light on how by means of this connection it has created her recognize that God helped her realize that in order to enjoy someone and herself , it must not be broken due to the fact of not so very good experiences ( Walker ten).

By means of out The Color Purple, readers see the improvement of Celie from a young girl to a mature woman. They see that as a young girl, she was insecure and she depended on God to assist herself and help her cope by means of her disturbing experiences, but can also see her resilience and her dedication to the factors that imply the most to her. Now as a mature lady, readers also see that her transformation would not have been as inspirational if it wasn’t by means of the influences of her relationships with Nettie, Mr___ and Shug. By way of Nettie’s relationship she is capable to have speak to Nettie, which enabled Celie to be a lot more open with her sister and have dependence on her . As for Mr__’s she is able to realize him a lot more by means of their discussions, therefore, teaching her acceptance for the people that have harmed her. Lastly, Shug’s relationship is focused on the love they have for each and every other, for that reason, teaches her how to really like somebody else and at some point love herself by way of God’s eyes. In conclusion, in any transition in life, folks fail to recognize that relationships are essential to the general improvement of an individual. Whether these relationships are great ones or the undesirable ones, ( bad ones in Celie’s case) it teaches lessons that can not be taught through self reflection or maturity, but lessons that can be taught by means of the relationships of other individuals.
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