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Sense and Sensibility Summary

Sense and Sensibility Summary February 2nd, 2018Sense and Sensibility by Jane Austen begins off at Norland Park, where Mr. Dashwood has just passed away and left his fortune to this nephew’s son, John Dashwood. Regardless of John Dashwood’s guarantee with his father to take care of his stepmother and stepsisters with the income that he inherited, his uncaring and selfish wife, Fanny Ferrars, looks down upon the Mrs. Dashwood and her daughters, Elinor, Marianne, and Margaret.

Prior to Mrs. Dashwood and her daughters are supplied to reside at Barton Cottage by her cousin Sir John, Elinor develops feelings for Fanny’s brother, Edward, but is hesitant to express her feelings prior to he does. At Barton Cottage, Colonel Brandon, Sir John’s friend, falls in love with Marianne, but she feels that he is too old for her to adore. Marianne does fall in adore with Willoughby, who carries her residence soon after she twists her ankle on a rainy day. The two publicly express their adore for each and every other until he all of a sudden leaves to London and leaves Marianne behind. In the meantime, the Dashwood daughters are introduced to Anne and Lucy Steele, and Elinor finds out that Lucy and Edward have been secretly engaged. Elinor respects the secrecy of Lucy and Edward’s engagement and does not speak a word about it until their relationship becomes public, at which point Edward’s mother is frustrated and decides to pass her inheritance to his brother, Robert. Marianne reunites with Willoughby, who had not replied to her letters, at a celebration in London, but he rejects the reality that he was ever in love with her. She additionally finds out that Willoughby is engaged to Ms. Grey, specifically for funds and fortune. Upon discovering out that Willoughby is engaged to yet another lady, Marianne wishes to go home and the Dashwood sisters check out Cleveland on their way property.

When Marianne gets sick in Cleveland, Willoughby comes to go to and tells Elinor that he nevertheless loves Marianne but had to marry Ms. Grey for her funds. After Elinor tells Marianne about Willoughby’s confession, she feels better being aware of that he did not abandon her since he did not enjoy her. Back at Barton Cottage, the daughters locate out that Lucy Steele is now engaged with Mr. Ferrars. Elinor assumes that Mr. Ferrars refers to Edward, but Edward comes to Barton to tell Elinor that Lucy really fell in enjoy with his brother, Robert, following Mrs. Ferrars decided to give her inheritance to him. No longer engaged to Lucy, Edward lastly proposes to Elinor and the two make a decision to live at Delaford, which Colonel Brandon graciously delivers. Soon later, Colonel Brandon also gets engaged to Marianne and determine to move into Delaford with Edward and Elinor. Despite the misunderstandings and secret engagements that deterred these relationships from forming all through the novel, Edward and Elinor, as well as Marianne and Colonel Brandon reside happily together, keeping tight relationships with the rest of the Dashwood household.

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