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Published: 04-09-2019

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Should Huck Finn be taught in schools?

Must Huck Finn be taught in schools? This point has been extensively argued for many years and is continued to be debated today. Mark twain is 1 of America’s most popular writers. His book portrays dark components of American’s history by way of eyes of a young white boy. Mark twain show American’s slave era very nicely. As young children discover about comical adventures of Huck Finn and his friend Jim, a runaway slave, they will also be understanding friendship, language, morals, and the culture. However numerous schools have banned “The Adventures Huckleberry Finn” by Mark Twain due to the fact the excessive use of slurs and the sophisticated subjects that may have a adverse impact on kids.

Some men and women think Huck Finn ought to not be taught in higher school classes. It offends these of black ethnicity, parents do not like that, and some teachers find it challenging to teach it. Although certain folks think that it need to be taught due to the fact it provides us lessons of the history that we cannot hide or overlook. Any person who is not discriminated does not know how it feels. African Americans are the only ones getting offended by reading Huck Finn. Folks find Huck Finn to be racist and teach a lot about the history to these who are not black. But African Americans are offended by the constant usage of the “n” word all through the entire book.

I believe that Huck Finn should be taught. The book does use the racial term “the n-word” and these days that word is very hurtful and offensive to individuals. But back in the day it wasn’t like that, that is just what black men and women have been named. Twain wrote it that way because that is the way he knew it, there is no way he could have recognized that in the future the word would be a derogatory term. Nevertheless, it still teaches us critical issues that everybody need to knowledge.

Yet another explanation that the book must be taught in schools is that we see the bond of friendship and lessons learned in between the white boy, Huck, and the runaway slave, Jim. Throughout the book Huck is faced with the issue of whether or not or not to turn Jim in. He begins to see that, even if Jim is a slave, he is a particular person and he has emotions just like Huck does. When Huck and Jim are in the canoe and Huck hears Jim crying about his family, he realizes and thinks “… And I do believe he cared just as much for his men and women as white people does for their’n.” This shows how Huck starts to see Jim more as a human and much less as a slave. Huck Finn is not just an adventure novel it is a book that encourages and calls for students and teachers to believe about the deeper meanings, such as Mark Twain’s goal in making a character like Jim.
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