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Published: 20-11-2019

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Important: This essay is not a finished work, it is only an outline that needs refinement and formatting.
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Similarities and Differences Between Kumalo and Jarvis in In Cry, the Beloved Country

Similarities and Differences Among Kumalo and Jarvis

In the novel ¨Cry The Beloved Country¨ by Alan Paton, a white man named James Jarvis and a native man Stephen Kumalo has several variations and similarities. A man who judges natives and is also a farmer, was told that his son died by the hand of a native, and a native who was hunting for his son to lastly figure out he killed a white man’s son and will be hanged for what he did.

A single similarity is that both of them is going by means of the heaviest issue in their life due to the fact Jarvis” son is dead since of Absalom and Absalom is going to be hanged for killing a white man. Another similarity is that they both live in Ndotsheni but one lives in the rich valleys and the other lives in the poor location of Ndotsheni but they both love and care about where they reside. Right after Kumalo’s son, Absalom kills Jarvis son, Arthur, Kumalo goes to speak with James Jarvis in Johannesburg. Kumalo broaches the topic in an indirect manner, saying that “this point that is the heaviest point of all my years, is the heaviest factor of all your years also.”(Pg.213)James understands at when what he means and says, «I have heard you. I comprehend what I did not realize. There is no anger in me.”(Pg.214)The distinction in between Kumalo and Jarvis is that Kumalo is just a poor old man who is an Umfundisi for a church on the poor side of Ndotsheni and the dirt for them was red since it was erosion so they couldn’t develop crops there». Jarvis was a rich racist who judged natives lived on the leading of the mountain exactly where he owns a farm with lovely grass that is effectively tended that has very little animals that live there.

Both fathers appear to comprehend one thing about their sons. Kumalo struggles to speak with Absalom about killing one more individual. James attempts to get to know his son via his son’s book that he was writing and via his son’s private papers and library, the things he didn’t know about him before his son died. Both fathers grieved more than the losses of their son’s, are only truly reconciled when James aids Stephen rebuild his church, and Kumalo became friends with Arthur’s only child. The city of Johannesburg destroyed each of their families apart but outdoors of the city broken families can be healed once more. In the end both Kumalo and Jarvis would wish that there kid can be house with them if they had been nevertheless alive.

In conclusion even although both Kumalo and Jarvis have been via rough instances both had put their differences aside and the both became friends. Each have attained information from their trip to Johannesburg.
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