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Published: 02-12-2019

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Simon Bolivar’s Legacy

Simon Bolivar: El Liberator

Simon Bolivar was 1 of South Americas greatest generals. His victories more than the Spaniards won independence for Bolivia, Panama, Columbia, Ecuador, Peru, and Venezuela. He is known as El Liberator, and is also recognized as the George Washington of South America. Bolivar was born in Venezuela, where his parents died. He inherited a fortune then started his travels all around Europe. Bolivar returned to Venezuela in 1810, exactly where he joined a group of patriots that seized Caracas and proclaimed independence from Spain. He later went to Fantastic Britain in search of help, but could only get a guarantee of British neutrality. Bolivar then returned to Venezuela and took command of a patriot army. He and the army recaptured Caracas from the Spaniards in 1813. The Spaniards forced Bolivar to retreat from Venezuela to New Granada, who was at war with Spain at the time. Bolivar took command of a Colombian force and captured Bogota in 1814. However, the patriots have been running low on males as properly as supplies. This was sufficient to force Bolivar to flee to Jamaica. Although in Jamaica, Bolivar wrote a letter titled the letter from Jamaica. In this letter Bolivar was stressing the importance and want for an organized government.

The letter was a scheme for the reconstitution of Latin America. He proposed a series of constitutional republics, an elected decrease residence, and a president that would stay for life. This letter accounts for the adolotry tone of so a lot of the Latin American Boliveran literature. At this time Simon Bolivar had joined the revolution. His explanation in ones opinion may possibly be simply because of the invasion Napoleon threatened Spain with. At the finish of this invasion, even so, Venezuela had turn into an independent nation. After Bolivar had written the letter from Jamaica, he gathered a force in Haiti that ended up in Venezuela in 1816, and took Angostra. There, Simon Bolivar had grow to be a accurate dictator. Bolivar took his army and headed to New Granada in 1819. There he defeated the Spaniards in Boyar, consequently creating the territory of Colombia to be independent. Bolivar then returned to Angostura and led the congress that organized the original republic of Colombia . On December 17, 1819, Simon Bolivar became the first president. Hence, giving him his other name, the George Washington of South America. Bolivar defeated the Spanish army at Carabobo in Venezuela on June 24, 1821. He then led his army into Educador and added it to the new Colombian republic. A year later Bolivar became dictator of Peru. Upper Peru became its personal separate state, which was known as Bolivia, in honar of Simon Bolivar.

Simon Bolivar left behind a legacy that produced him famous all over the world Bolivar was superb at organizing governments and taking handle. Even though Bolivar was a dictator, he was a fair dictator. Bolivar changed the way nations and states have been ran all more than the planet. Several dictators modeled their countries or states soon after Bolivar. I would agree with most of the historians on the writings of Simon Bolivar. In distinct, I agree with Harvey L. Johnson and his statement, The constitution, which he drew up for Bolivia, is one of his most critical political pronouncements.
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