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Published: 14-10-2019

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Important: This essay is not a finished work, it is only an outline that needs refinement and formatting.
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Social Worker’s Goal and Mission

Each Social worker’s purpose and mission is to increase the values of others’ lives. People in this field focus on empowering those who are living in poverty, Oppression, and are vulnerable. The NASW code of ethics is a code that every social worker should abide by, this code provides them simple guidelines they need to comply with to maintain their perform at a constant professional level.

Social workers need to concentrate on a person’s surrounding environment and be capable to identify contributing troubles in their clients living circumstances. The folks who are supported by social workers are referred to as consumers. Customers can be men and women, groups, households, organizations, or even communities. This requires social workers to be aware to the cultural, ethnic, and racial differences in the folks they encounter. This helps to place an end to oppression, discrimination, poverty, and other forms of social injustice. I select the NASW code of ethics since it was the code that most closely fits my beliefs and my future career path I want to take.

There are six core values on which the social work profession is based. These are service, social justice, dignity, and worth of the particular person, importance of human relationships, integrity, and competence. These core principles are the central values a social worker should use when assisting clients in every day conditions. Social workers ought to use this tool to guide their customers and treat them with dignity and respect. The Social Workers Code of Ethics are at the core of the profession and are of great importance to all who function as a social worker as well men and women who could be studying to enter this field. They aid in creating sound judgments and decisions when dealing with all sections of the population regardless of the clients’ religion, race, or ethnicity.

The very first core worth that I closely Recognize with is service. The worth of service is delivering assistance to those in require is a essential goal for all of these looking to practice in the field of Social Work. These solutions can incorporate, but are not limited to, addressing social difficulties, helping those in require, and volunteering their expertise to those who cannot otherwise afford such assist. I determine with this value because I have always wanted to serve men and women and support men and women in some way. I have usually wanted to make an effect in someone’s life and enhance their enhancement of life.

The second core worth that I closely Determine with is Social Justice. Social justice is also essential to me and is an crucial core value for a Social Worker to create. Justice refers to fairness which is anything that each and every individual deserves to be treated with. As a Social Worker a single will come across numerous people from many diverse walks of life, no two instances will ever be the identical. Some of these walks of life can leave a client susceptible, defenseless, demoralized, oppressed, and troubled. Social justice aims for the very good of the entire neighborhood. It needs people to encourage, work with, and organize with others to attain with each other a work of justice. As a result, it is crucial to learn what Social Justice is, and how to assistance people from falling victim to inequality.

The third value that I closely Determine with is dignity and worth of every single particular person. To respect the dignity and worth of every individual signifies that social workers recognize the humanity within every single individual regardless of how that individual might be judged by other people. Social workers are reminded that there are occasions and situations when 1 individual, or a group of folks have been judged to be much less than fully human. Social workers should resist accepting such judgments, and must insist that person consumers be treated with dignity and respect in recognition of our common humanity. Dignity and worth of a individual is needed to establish social justice.

I did not really feel there had been any components of the National Association of Social Workers code of ethics that I didn’t really agree with. I think the NASW code of ethics is an adequate starter guide for new social workers. It covers all the basic ethical dilemmas that occur far more often in the field of human services’. The NASW Code of Ethics for social workers are quite extensive and thoroughly clarify the objective of a social worker, professionalism and requirements of the relationships between and among men and women, groups and the neighborhood.

The NASW code of ethics for social workers lists very detailed matters covering all parts of social operate and function ethic. The code lists the ethical guidelines for folks in the field and for the wider society. There may be some issues acting out these principles for the professionals protected by this code since they are extremely extensive and strict, or limiting. One particular might be justice. A social worker may really feel that their client is not guilty of a crime and want to shelter them from the law. This is against the code of ethics simply because the social worker must do what is not only appropriate for the client, but for the broader society. This also ties in with another value, Integrity. The social worker have to show integrity and do what is required of them. An additional value would be respect for other individuals. The social worker should put aside his preconceptions and prejudice opinions and treat their client fair and worthy.

In conclusion, the goal of a social workers stays the identical. Their mission is to boost the wellbeing of other people and improve top quality of life. Social operate is about encouraging the common welfare of society by representing these who are most vulnerable. The NASW code of ethics helps navigate these challenges throughout their careers and provides a framework for the principles and standards that they should uphold.
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